Chapter 963 – Silver Perfection

Chapter 963 – Silver Perfection

“So that’s how it is. This stone tablet isn’t just testing my perception but also my martial arts will.”

This will was obviously left behind by the person who had carved this totem stone tablet. If such an extreme character were to leave behind their will, it could last for several hundred thousands of years up to even millions of years.

“If I can withstand this baptism of will, it’ll greatly benefit the growth of my battle spirit. This is a good opportunity!”

Lin Ming was thrilled. When he travelled down the Road of the Emperor, the strongest baptism of will he had withstood was the will of the Demon Emperor. Compared to a Patriarch of the ancient Phoenix Clan, the Demon Emperor was far from being equal.

If he could withstand the suppression of a powerhouse’s will, that would help him further exploring the potential of his battle spirit.

For those that cultivated martial arts, the potential of a battle spirit was determined by a variety of factors. Once it was formed, it would be difficult to increase it. There were very few heavenly materials that existed with the ability to enhance a battle spirit, and they could only be found through a stroke of destiny. For instance, the Twinlife Thunder Crystal.

The Twinlife Thunder...

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