Chapter 960 – Test

Chapter 960 – Test

Of the nine top grade saint artifacts, the Phoenix Blood Spear, the Sunpierce Sword, and the Sun Shooting Bow were of the highest quality. The Phoenix Blood Spear was faintly superior to the Sunpierce Sword; it could be considered the most powerful saint artifact here.

As for the ring, the necklace, the vestment, and so forth, because they were defensive or accessory types saint artifacts, their supposed value should be higher. However, due to fact that their quality was far inferior to the Phoenix Blood Spear, there was no way to compare the actual value.

On Lin Ming’s first attempt, he actually went toward the most precious of the nine top grade saint artifacts. How could this not cause everyone’s eyes to bulge out of their heads?

“That idiot, I estimate that he will last 10 breaths at most.” A lackey laughed out loud from behind Huang Yuegong.

“10 breaths is overestimating him too much. I think five breaths is his limit and his soul will also be damaged in the test, possibly affecting his future cultivation.” Another lackey guffawed. In front of them, Huang Yuegong only swung his fan, smiling without speaking.

“If his cultivation is affected, then it’s affected. In any case, rotten wood cannot be made...

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