Chapter 959 – Towards the Phoenix Blood Spear

Chapter 959 – Towards the Phoenix Blood Spear

“Sir Huang, would you like to try taking a high-grade saint artifact? Saint Artifact Pavilion has many high-grade saint artifacts that are of a very high quality. Although they cannot compare to the nine top grade saint artifacts, they are still quite formidable. With Sir Huang’s strength, taking a high-grade saint artifact should be no problem at all!” Song Baifeng improvised some advice on the spot as he saw Huang Yuegong’s face being swept all over the ground.

A high-grade saint artifact and a top grade saint artifact were different in terms of value by over a hundred times; they were on two completely different levels. Huang Yuegong certainly didn’t want to take a high-grade saint artifact, but taking a top grade saint artifact was easier said than done. What Saint Artifact Pavilion tested was talent and potential; these two factors normally wouldn’t change much no matter how high a martial artist’s cultivation grew. If there wasn’t some great lucky chance, then even if Huang Yuegong cultivated to the Divine Transformation realm and returned to attempt taking a top grade saint artifact again, the result would likely more or less be the same.

He thought of this, then glanced at Jun Yunrue. He...

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