Chapter 958 – Obtaining Treasures

Chapter 958 – Obtaining Treasures

Lin Ming looked as far as he could. He was able to vaguely make out a crimson long spear within the center of the blazing sun. Countless runes shined on its body and a vast and boundless atmosphere surged out from it.

Even though the nine suns hanging in the skies were the brightest of the many stars, they all had minor differences between then; some had a weaker light and others had a stronger light. The light of the Phoenix Blood Spear was one of the brightest; it was one of the most brilliant saint treasures. This proved that even though the Phoenix Blood Spear was a top grade treasure, it was still positioned at the top of its rank!

Besides the Phoenix Blood Spear, the Sunpierce Sword’s light wasn’t any dimmer. The sword was clearly a top saint artifact amongst all top grade saint artifacts. This was also within reason. Although the Ancient Phoenix Clan’s inheritances varied with all sorts of weapons in use, the most common weapons were swords and spears.

There were many female disciples in the Ancient Phoenix Clan and the vast majority of them preferred to use swords. As for spears, because the Ancient Phoenix Clan waged war against many other sects in ancient times, they...

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