Chapter 957 – Phoenix Blood Spear

Chapter 957 – Phoenix Blood Spear

After Song Baifeng finished his introduction he pushed open the doors to Saint Artifact Pavilion. At the same time, a compelling slaughter energy surged outward, making all in its presence tremble. The several disciples beside Jun Yunrue felt as if they were turned into little babies with cold and sharp swords pointed between their eyebrows. A cold energy seeped into their bones, a killing intent overflowing into the world!

They couldn’t help but draw back one step. Song Baifeng proudly said, “The saint artifacts in Saint Artifact Pavilion have histories of tens of thousands of years or even hundreds of thousands of years. Some have followed proud sons of heavens, and some have been handed down by Palace Elders. These saint artifacts have been quenched in the blood of countless battles and have been used to tear down numerous extreme powerhouses. The killing intent they emanate is terrifying.”

Saint Artifact Pavilion was established several hundred thousands of years ago. Every year there were new saint artifacts brought in as well as saint artifacts taken out by disciples. Most of the saint artifacts here were low-grade saint artifacts, thousands of them. Beyond that, there were fewer medium-grade saint artifacts, even fewer high-grade saint artifacts, and finally only a small number of top...

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