Chapter 956 – The Rules for Obtaining a Saint Artifact

Chapter 956 – The Rules for Obtaining a Saint Artifact

The two lackeys talked with each other using true essence sound transmissions. They sized up the two male disciples, looking at them the same way a noble looked at a beggar.

Huang Yuegong maintained a smiling expression; the deep loathing and contempt he felt was hidden deep within his eyes. As for the two male disciples, they didn’t notice anything at all. They didn’t realize that the only reason Huang Yuegong was showing such grace was due to the presence of Jun Yunrue, otherwise he would have told them to screw off.

Huang Yuegong was rich but it wasn’t like saint artifacts fell from the sky. There were still many beauties he could give saint artifacts, so how could he waste them on these two ugly pieces of trash?

“I must say young master, I think that this little Jun girl is tempted by you. Haha, and who can blame her? Young master is so handsome and dashing, and he even gifted such a valuable gift on their first meeting, which girl wouldn’t have her heart moved by this? It’s a surprise she isn’t already obediently crawling into young master’s bed!”

“Hehe, this Jun Yunrue’s talent isn’t bad. If young master can suck up her primal yin energy, it’ll be beneficial to young master’s cultivation...

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