Chapter 954 – Deliberately Creating Difficulties

Chapter 954 – Deliberately Creating Difficulties

“Saint Artifact Pavilion! Great, let’s all go!” When Saint Artifact Pavilion was brought up, the other disciples became giddy. Within Saint Artifact Pavilion, there were no treasures besides saint artifacts. Moreover, saint artifacts had massive differences depending on the rank. A peak saint artifact was completely different in value from a general saint artifact. Saint Artifact Pavilion contained not only general saint artifacts but also top ranked high-grade saint artifacts. Of course, whether or not someone could obtain it all relied on their own abilities.

When Lin Ming heard of Saint Artifact Pavilion, he was also tempted. He hadn’t held a weapon he liked in his hand ever since the Purple Comet Spear. Lin Ming had replaced weapons several times, but because of their different natures they didn’t suit him too well.

The first low-grade heaven-step white spear he obtained within the Eternal Demon Abyss had been tossed to him by Duanmu Qun who had bartered for it with a High Lord. It didn’t even have its own name. The quality was rather ordinary and he only casually used it.

As for the second heaven-step, that was a red spear given to him by Timeworn Phoenix City, a common service weapon for being a trial challenger there. Besides that it was exceptionally durable and fire-attributed, it didn’t...

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