Chapter 953 – Saint Artifact Pavilion

Chapter 953 – Saint Artifact Pavilion

“The Divine Sea boundary is the first step onto your road of becoming a god. Your dantian opens up to form a minor dimension, able to accommodate true essence as your dantian becomes a sea. Divine Transformation falls upon the word ‘transformation’. It’s where you evolve the world within your dantian to a dimensional realm. Finally, the Divine Lord realm is to truly become a god. A true world will evolve within your dantian and you will be able to sustain endless true essence. In addition, this world can even hold people, forests, lakes, seas, rivers, countries, and even stars! You can contain a massive number of your subjects in the world. When that happens, you shall be the god that they all believe in, you shall be their Divine Lord! That’s why this boundary is named the Divine Lord boundary; it’s to truly become a god.”

“If you can cross the nine stages of Life Destruction, that doesn’t necessarily mean you will become a Divine Lord. But after reaching the Divine Lord realm you won’t encounter endless bottlenecks and your potential will be far greater.”

Lin Ming was intrigued by the explanation given to him by Fairy Feng.. In truth, when he inherited the memories of the Ancient Devil, he became aware of the Divine Sea, Divine Transformation, and Divine Lord boundaries. But the Ancient Devil...

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