Chapter 952 – Nine Divine Shifts

Chapter 952 – Nine Divine Shifts

Led by Fairy Feng, Lin Ming flew on the five-colored bird towards Phoenix Cry Palace at lightning speed. A strong heavenly wind blew past Fairy Feng, sending her hair recklessly waving in the air. Lin Ming stood behind her, silent.

“Do you have some questions in your heart that you would like to ask?” Fairy Feng asked.

“I do have some questions, but it seems they are power struggles between the upper level figures of Phoenix Cry Palace so they don’t have much to do with me,” Lin Ming calmly said. His current boundary was simply too low. These high level power struggles of Phoenix Cry Palace didn’t have much of a connection to him.

“Simply because you don’t think you’re related doesn’t mean you aren’t. What is relevant to you will be relevant to you. Lin Ming, you are someone that I hold in high esteem, and as someone that I brought to Phoenix Cry Palace, you can be considered my person. As someone who is on my side, I can naturally provide you resources. But at the same time, you will also have to face many enemies.”

“Phoenix Cry Palace has a total of nine great Vice Palace Masters, the first of them being Vice Palace Master Sage Jiuyang, also known as Xiao Jiuyang. He is from one of the Ancient Phoenix Clan’s three great family clans, the Xiao Family Clan. He has been a disciple longer than I have, and his talent is extraordinary....

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