Chapter 951 – Contention

Chapter 951 – Contention

Casting out his divine sense to the limit, he wasn’t able to sense the boundaries of this world. All he saw were billowing clouds, endless celestial mountains, immortal islands, and heavenly cave dwellings; this entire world was a paradise.

Floating amongst the clouds were countless spirit birds and spirit beasts. The spirit beasts rolled about in the air, many of them hundreds of miles long, some even a thousand miles long. Lin Ming could even see a sea serpent dragon in the distance, the same sort that had emitted the sea serpent gas in the 8000 Mile Black Swamp, the same sort of sea serpent dragon whose gas could form sea serpent crystals!

Phoenix Cry Palace’s sea serpent dragon was over a thousand miles long, and its immense body was draped over a massive mountain range. It sprayed out ridiculous amounts of gas, but this gas was actually different from the black corrosive poison in the 8000 Mile Black Swamp. Rather, this gas formed rainbow colored clouds, beautiful and auspicious.

Besides the sea serpent dragon were golden crows, flame birds, vermillion birds, and many other birds and beasts of all colors that resembled phoenixes. All of them soared through the skies between heaven and earth; Lin Ming looked at this scene, awestruck.


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