Chapter 950 – Phoenix Cry Palace

Chapter 950 – Phoenix Cry Palace

With a ringing explosion, countless arcs of thunder and blazing flames surged outwards, blotting out the world!

Fairy Feng only needed a single attack to defeat the purple thunder dragon. It turned into a massive number of tiny specks of thunder energy that came falling over Lin Ming and Fairy Feng.

As Lin Ming saw this his mind stirred. He revolved the Heretical God Force and began to greedily absorb the tiny specks of thunder energy like a drunk in a wine cellar.

Within Lin Ming’s body, the Heretical God Sprout trembled underneath the nourishing thunder.

This was the power of heavenly retribution; it was different from the thunder of the mortal world. The inherent energy was extremely pure and was greatly beneficial towards Lin Ming.


Fairy Feng glanced at Lin Ming with some surprise. She thought that Lin Ming would have some trouble resisting the thunder, but he seemed to be smoothly swallowing up the power of thunder tribulation instead. Not only was he not injured, he even seemed to be obtaining some benefits.

“Lin Ming, I didn’t think that you would also have such high achievements in the Concept of Thunder. It seems as if…” Fairy Feng’s thoughts stirred and she immediately covered Lin Ming within her divine sense. It...

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