Chapter 949 – Towards the Divine Realm

Chapter 949 – Towards the Divine Realm

Lin  Ming took out the jade slip Fairy Feng left him and crushed it. For a while, countless dazzling lights formed in the sky, like a sea of fireflies had appeared. Space rippled and a red dressed woman seemingly appeared from nowhere. This woman was elegant and tied up her hair with a long hairpin. She looked at Lin Ming and smiled with appreciation.

“You have taken the initiative to crush the jade slip. Does this mean you have completed all matters before ascending to the Divine Realm?”

This wisp of Fairy Feng’s incarnation was no different from her true self. As she spoke her eyes fell on Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan behind Lin Ming. She only needed to glance at them to guess the relationship between them and Lin Ming. If Lin Ming was ascending to the Divine Realm, these two women would naturally be Lin Ming’s worries.

“Yes, everything has been completed.” Lin Ming said.

“Good. For these past years in the Sky Spill Continent you’ve resolved your karmic ties without using the power that I left with you. You’ve reached the limit of your destiny and delved into the depths of your intention. Now, you may enter the Divine Realm without worry. In the future, you may return here and it can also be your true self that returns. When Empyrean Primordius left this...

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