Chapter 948 – Incarnation of the Jade Slip

Chapter 948 – Incarnation of the Jade Slip

Atop the peak of a floating mountain, underneath the glow of multicolored lights, Lin Ming and Qin Xingxuan lay spread out on the grass, watching as the white clouds rolled past them. All the wonders around them left one intoxicated like a dream.

With the world as a bed, flowers as a blanket, a beautiful woman hugged close to his chest, Lin Ming watched the scenery around him. He stood at the very pinnacle of the Sky Spill Continent; his life could’ve been said to have reached the limit of happiness.

In these past years, if Lin Ming hadn’t been bitterly cultivating, then he was slaughtering or fleeing. He had rushed headlong into all sorts of dangerous situations with only slim hopes for survival; he never had a chance to calm his heart and enjoy his life.

If one didn’t experience such a free and glorious fairy-like life at least once, then their life would be lacking. While the road of martial arts was filled with long periods of cultivation, they also needed to become aware of themselves and their feelings. They needed to taste the hundreds of emotions in life; this was also part of cultivation.

Lin Ming gently skimmed his fingers over Qin Xingxuan’s body. She snuggled up to his chest like a cat. Both of their hearts were filled with an unprecedented peace.

After a long time passed, Qin...

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