Chapter 947 – Grandest Event Since Ancient Times

Chapter 947 – Grandest Event Since Ancient Times

The next several months, Lin Ming resided in the Giant Leviathan with his family and good friends as they traveled back to the Sky Spill Continent.

During this time, Lin Ming didn’t train much. Instead, he spent his time with Mu Qianyu, Qin Xingxuan, his parents, and the others, enjoying happy days together.

After meeting each other after such a long period of separation, Lin Ming and Mu Qianyu fell into intimacy like fish into water. The two of them didn’t have much experience in this regard. As martial arts cultivators, they naturally had to suppress the passions and lusts in their hearts. But now, they were finally able to indulge to their hearts’ content.

“Lin Ming, what plans do you have with Little Sister Xingxuan? Do you plan on bringing her to the Divine Realm with you?” After a vigorous bout of lovemaking, Mu Qianyu lay down on Lin Ming’s chest. Her face was flushed red and she was lightly panting.

Lin Ming stroked his wife’s fragrant and warm breasts while thinking of the answer. Ever since the Lin Family Clan was harmed by Yang Yun, the series of events had cast a shadow on his heart. Luckily they hadn’t attached too much importance to Lan Yunyue or the consequences would have been much more serious.

If he brought Qin Xingxuan to the Divine Realm, it’d be creating a weakness...

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