Chapter 944 – Yang Yun’s Death

Chapter 944 – Yang Yun’s Death

Lin Ming’s sharp words stabbed Yang Yun again and again, every new word more excruciating than the last. It was pain that pierced into his marrow!

When Lin Ming said that Yang Yun had fused with the Ancient Devil’s soul and lost himself, that was the same as saying that Yang Yun had died. It was the same as saying that Yang Yun’s body was actually being occupied by someone else!

Hearing these words, how could Yang Yun not become crazy. His eyes were blood red as he roared, “Shut up! I am me! I am Yang Yun! Lin Ming, stop trying to use your words to shake my spirit! You’re wasting your time!”

“Haha, are you feeling guilty? Are you feeling afraid? If you really believe your words, then why would you feel this? No matter what I say, the real Yang Yun would’ve remained serene without any change in his composure. But as for you, you’ve already fallen into a violent rage and turned crazy. This is because you’re no longer Yang Yun!”

“In today’s battle I already discovered that your personality has completely changed. You’ve become demented, easy to anger, hysterical at all things. The Yang Yun in my mind reveals neither happiness nor anger and his mind is unfathomable, not allowing anyone to guess what’s on his mind. You’re not Yang Yun, but the result of the fusion of Yang Yun and the Ancient Devil....

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