Chapter 943 – Heaven Punishment Divine Thunder

Chapter 943 – Heaven Punishment Divine Thunder

Yang Yun had never been planning on using the Coiling Martial Divine Furnace to grievously wound Lin Ming. It would’ve been enough as long as he could use it to catch a glimmer of an opportunity.

Although Yang Yun originated from the Nine Furnace Divine Kingdom, what he truly excelled at was the demonic cultivation methods obtained from the Ancient Devil. To Yang Yun, the Nine Furnace Divine Kingdom’s cultivation methods were far inferior in power to those of the Ancient Devil. The demonic cultivation methods that Yang Yun studied were not too useful in maximizing the movement and strength of the Coiling Martial Divine Furnace. Instead, what he specialized in was the demon blood sword in his hand that was refined from the Divine Realm’s devil arts.

In just the blink of an eye, Yang Yun stabbed out a thousand times!

These one thousand sword strikes each seemed as if they cut through space and time. In that moment, endless waves of blood filled the sky. One thousand crimson beams of light cut through the horizon like an army of blood dragons!

The mountain range in a radius of 100 miles, as well as the array formations of the Nine Furnace Divine palace and everywhere else were completely sliced apart by the sword strikes, reduced to smithereens!

Although Fairy Snow Gale and the others had begun evacuating the Nine Furnace Divine Kingdom’s...

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