Chapter 942 – Coiling Martial Divine Furnace

Chapter 942 – Coiling Martial Divine Furnace

Yang Yun’s expression was fierce. After fusing with the Ancient Devil’s soul, he was no longer the temperate and chivalrous person he once was. He had truly become demonic.

A bass roar rang out and he stabbed his finger out. He aimed between his eyebrows and thrust downwards!

Between Yang Yun’s eyebrows was his third eye, the Blood Law Eye. But now, Yang Yun had actually crushed this eyeball apart with his finger!


The Blood Law Eye that was wrapped in a crystalline layer suddenly burst apart. A faint trace of blood essence swelled forth, flowing dark crimson.

To pierce through one’s own eye required a ruthless resolve. Yang Yun’s face twisted as his aura suddenly soared upwards.

After the Blood Law Eye was broken, the blood essence energy that dissipated from it was completely swallowed into Yang Yun’s mouth. His body began to change, becoming larger and thicker. Dragon-like muscles wrapped around his body. From his back, red tentacles burst out, freely waving about. His skeleton and muscles were dyed with a bright blood red light as the red tentacles extended thousands of feet into the sky before they completely sunk into his body.

Yang Yun’s cultivation had infinitely approached the middle Divine Sea realm. It could even be said that he had managed...

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