Chapter 941 – Insight Into Weakness

Chapter 941 – Insight Into Weakness

“Blood refining diagram, catch him!”

Yang Yun pointed his hand at Lin Ming, and the blood refining diagram expanded, becoming like an endless world capable of containing infinite life. It exuded a terrifying swallowing force, wanting to directly devour Lin Ming.

The blood refining diagram surged and the entire world shook. A tyrannical, cruel, and painful aura scattered outwards from the blood diagram scroll, turning into thoughts. These thoughts were hidden in the blood refining diagram, turning into agonizing beliefs that gathered together as one, finally turning into a blood red flow of energy that fell down on Lin Ming.

This ability of the Great Blood Refining Art attacked both the physical body and the divine soul. For a moment, a chilling wind blew through the world; the heavens and earth were dyed a deep red from the potent blood energy!

The 50 some Divine Sea powerhouses rapidly retreated as they saw this. Lin Ming grasped the Great Desolate Blood Halberd, his eyes flashing with a sharp light. From just this move alone, he could see that Yang Yun had reached 99% completion in the Great Blood Refining Art. The blood refining diagram was formed; all he had to do was fuse it into his body.

Although this was only a single step, the difference between the two was like the clouds and...

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