Chapter 939 – Complete Massacre

Chapter 939 – Complete Massacre

“Break!” Lin Ming roared out. The grandmist space had the power to swallow all Laws. However, even then one needed the energy to support it. Lin Ming’s current boundary was insufficient so it was impossible to reach a degree where he could swallow the entire Nine Furnace Great Array. This was a ultra-protection array that even the combined attack of 50 Divine Sea powerhouses couldn’t break. It represented the pinnacle of array formation achievements in the Sky Spill Continent!

However, if it were just the 12 cracks in the Nine Furnace Great Array where the energy lines were weak and shallow, Lin Ming could actually break through them!

Si si si!

The Heavenly Demon martial intent divided into 12 streams that rushed towards the 12 cracks in the Nine Furnace Great Array. In that moment, there were no powerful energy collisions, no dazzling divine lights, and no earthshaking bangs. The 12 cracks silently disintegrated!

The Nine Furnace Great Array was an array formation that contained the five central elements, gathering all elements as one. The power was incomparable. But in the face of the grandmist space that negated all Laws, even such an array formation was suppressed.

Every tiny spot...

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