Chapter 938 – Nine Furnace Great Array

Chapter 938 – Nine Furnace Great Array

This array disc spinning in the air was arranged by Li Ming. It was a simple array formation that could gather the attacks of the over 50 Divine Sea powerhouses together. Otherwise, if their attacks were scattered, it wouldn’t be able to deal the most powerful blow.

“Everyone, let’s attack together.”

“That’s right. Bring out your complete strength. If we still try to hide anything at this point, we’re really going to die.”

“Great, take out all of your trump cards. After being suppressed for such a long time we must vent our anger, but let’s break this damned turtle shell before we do that!”

Even a mortal slave had their pride, much less these arrogant Divine Sea powerhouses. After being ruled and dominated by Yang Yun’s immense pressure for such a long time, their gathered rage had already reached the limit!

At this moment, over 50 Divine Sea powerhouses suddenly attacked with everything they had!

These Divine Sea powerhouses all stood out and blossomed from the trillions of lives on the Sky Spill Continent. Moreover, they had lived for thousands of years. Throughout the years, the amount of treasures and secrets they accumulated couldn’t be underestimated. How could any of them not have a final trump card in hand?

In this matter were failure meant death and success meant life, no one was stupid enough to stay their hand....

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