Chapter 937 – Failure at the End

Chapter 937 – Failure at the End

Yang Yun took a deep breath, his eyes flashing with a thick killing intent. Because he was closed up in seclusion, he had no time to bother tracking those Divine Sea powerhouses who he had implanted with his tracing mark. He also didn’t know that they had gathered together until one of his tracing marks was erased, causing him to experience a stabbing pain in his soul.

Although these battle spirit marks had been left by the Ancient Devil, Yang Yun had swallowed the Ancient Devil and their two souls had fused together. The Ancient Devils battle spirit mark was now the same as his, and erasing this mark caused him pain.

“Every battle spirit mark I left behind is different. The battle spirit mark that was erased was from a woman called Yu’er. To think that she’d actually dare to betray me. I wonder what methods she used to erase the tracing mark. Could this be Lin Ming’s work?”

Yang Yun shook his head, “That’s unlikely. Even if Lin Ming’s will is strong, it’s impossible for him to achieve a perfect silver battle spirit in just a few years and at only the fifth stage of Life Destruction. Perhaps it might be because of some treasure that Old Man Good Fortune found from 100,000 years ago. That old geezer had...

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