Chapter 936 – Erase Them All

Chapter 936 – Erase Them All

Within the 100,000 mile long White Cloud Mountain Range, in a deep and desolate canyon. Here over 50 Divine Sea powerhouses had gathered within three days. Except for the 20 some Divine Sea powerhouses from the Asura Divine Kingdom and their subordinate influences and also the Northwest Great Desert, nearly every Divine Sea powerhouse from the Sky Spill Continent had arrived here today.

“Seven Star Majesty, where is Sage Lin?”

“Yes, where is Sage Lin?”

Everyone began to ask Li Yuxiao. In particular, those that had tracing marks within them or those that had a variation bloodline or divine body were especially impatient.

It had to be known that most of these people had tracing marks within them and were tightly controlled by Yang Yun. If they revolted against him and won, everything would be happy and wonderful. But if they lost, it meant death.

A Divine Sea powerhouse had thousands of years of life and were also overlords of their own lands; which one of them was willing to die? If Yang Yun hadn’t forced them into a dead end, none of them would have desperately risked their lives to resist him.

If they were to place their lives on the line in a final struggle, they needed a qualified leader to command them. Otherwise, rather than...

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