Chapter 934 – Counterattack

Chapter 934 – Counterattack

Lin Ming fell into the cave dwelling. He was dressed in white and spotless. The clothes he wore were formed from countless threads of thunder twined together, unstained by earthly dust. If the cloth tore in battle, it would automatically repair itself. If given to a mortal, they would be invulnerable to attacks, and these clothes would be a priceless treasure passed down through their family.

The aura exuding from Lin Ming’s body was like the great and vast sea, unfathomable.

“Little Brother Lin, you’ve finally come!” Shibai was filled with emotion upon seeing Lin Ming again after so many years. Lin Ming’s strength had already surpassed his; the speed of his growth was unbelievable!

“Patriarch Shibai!” Lin Ming respectfully bowed in the ceremony of a junior to a senior. He didn’t pull rank just because his strength surpassed Shibai’s. When Lin Ming was younger and far weaker, if it weren’t for the protection of the Forsaken God Clan, there would have been no way he would’ve been able to escape Situ Haotian’s clutches. This was the equivalent of a lifesaving graciousness, something he would never forget in  his life.

“Haha, Little Brother Lin doesn’t need to be so polite, I’m not sure I can afford it. We’ve already been waiting for you for quite some time now.” Shibai chuckled in an extremely good mood.


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