Chapter 932 – Postcelestial Dao Diagram

Chapter 932 – Postcelestial Dao Diagram

The fifth stage of Life Destruction, shatter and reform the core, carving the form of elementary Laws on the surface of the Revolving Core. As long as one could reach the sixth stage of Life Destruction and thoroughly condense the Laws into their Revolving Core, they could officially cross Life Destruction and attempt to break into the Divine Sea.

The highest levels of Life Destruction were divided into nine stages. The first three stages reformed the spirit body, the second three stages reformed the core, and the last three stages reformed the divine soul.

After crossing six stages of Life Destruction, one could rely on their own strength to reach the Divine Sea. But the last three stages pertained to the future strength of a martial artist and how far they would be able to walk on their path of martial arts. The more formidable a soul was, the more energy it was able to manipulate. The soul was also related to the will; it was the carrier of the battle spirit. If one’s soul wasn’t powerful, their potential was limited.

In the cave dwelling, Lin Ming’s physical body had already become a loose fog of flesh and blood. He was slowly tempering himself in the sea of energy.

One day. Two days. Three days.

After half a month passed, within that blood fog, energy and essence began to gather together, forming a Revolving...

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