Chapter 931 – Inescapable Net

Chapter 931 – Inescapable Net

“What are you all discussing with true essence sound transmissions?”

Yang Yun asked with a smile as he glanced over everyone. But his smile actually had a faintly eerie taste!

True essence sound transmission?

As everyone heard these words, they felt their palms turn sweaty. At that moment, they even felt as if the contents of their discussion was sensed!

By all reasoning, a true essence sound transmission shouldn’t be discovered by others, so when had Yang Yun realized it? Or had he said these words just to fool them?

Facing this Yang Yun who seemed to be omniscient, all of them felt a pressure, a pressure as heavy as a mountain!

Yang Yun’s eyes flashed like bolts of lightning; no one dared to meet his gaze.

“Fairy Snow, you seem to have something to say to me. If you wish to say it out loud, it doesn’t matter. Your White Clan has followed my Nine Furnace...

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