Chapter 929 – To Another Level

Chapter 929 – To Another Level

“The Heretical God Sprout grew.”

Lin Ming was overjoyed as he saw the Heretical God Sprout that had grown by an inch. He could clearly feel that the Heretical God Sprout’s strength increased by a great deal. This would help him to perceive the Concepts of Thunder and Fire to an even higher degree in the future. It was as if there was some divine power assisting him. After he ascended to the Divine Realm, chances were likely that he would join the Ancient Phoenix Clan and receive the direction of Fairy Feng. At that time, with the support of the Heretical God Sprout, his strength would surely rapidly rise.

After the Purple Lion Thunder Source was completely absorbed, lightning began to twinkle above the Heretical God Sprout. Lin Ming closed his eyes and sensed within himself, nodding with satisfaction. The Heretical God Sprout’s control of energy was far better than what he had imagined. After the Purple Lion Thunder Source entered the Heretical God Sprout, most of its energy was absorbed by the Heretical God Sprout and the control of that energy also fell into Lin Ming’s hands.

If the Purple Lion Thunder Source’s spiritual wisdom was a general, then the energy of its body was the army. But now, all military power was held by Lin Ming.

This feeling of controlling all was very gratifying. As Lin Ming’s strength grew, the chances...

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