Chapter 928 – Swallowing the Thunder Source

Chapter 928 – Swallowing the Thunder Source

The grandmist space was broad and vast, extending outwards for over a thousand miles. As the Purple Lion Thunder Source was covered in the grandmist space, it suddenly felt its connection to the power of thunder in the world cut off, greatly startling it.

“Law of Annihilation, Chain of Stars!”

Lin Ming suddenly shook his long spear and the power of space erupted. A strong destruction twist force dispersed, combining with the elementary grandmist energy and spinning itself into a chaos storm. The lightning dragons sent out by the Purple Lion Thunder Source were all swallowed up!

With the choking power of the chaos storm combined together with the suppression of Thunder Laws from the grandmist space, the lightning dragons shattered like glass in just several breaths of time!

After the lightning dragons shattered, they turned into a pure power of thunder. Lin Ming swept out his purple long spear, swallowing up all of the power of thunder like a thirsty whale.

As the Purple Lion Thunder Source saw a massive amount of its own energies being sucked up by Lin Ming, it flew into a violent rage.


With a loud cry, it shot towards Lin Ming!

A Thunder Source was the origin of thunder that was produced over hundreds...

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