Chapter 926 – The End of Whitedemon

Chapter 926 – The End of Whitedemon

“Impossible, impossible!” Whitedemon’s mental state became extremely unstable, “You sealed away the Demon Lord? How can you have the power!?”

“There is nothing that’s impossible. Whitedemon, go in peace and follow your master!” Yang Yun’s hands grasped the void, and the blood pool around him suddenly soared up into the sky, turning into a massive python.

“You damned beast! You ungrateful little bastard! If it weren’t for us, you would’ve already died unknown and forgotten. How could you have such strength to stand at the peak of this continent!” Whitedemon hysterically shouted. His eyes were blood red; he wished that he could tear Yang Yun to pieces.

“Ungrateful?” Yang Yun sneered, “You think I’m a little child who’ll be fooled by such meaningless words? Between you two and I, we’ve already been mutually using each other. I’ve never trusted you, and you’ve never trusted me. If I didn’t act against your master, then once that devil’s supernatural powers reached large success, I would’ve already become a sacrifice or had my body stolen away.

Yang Yun pulled out a bright crimson treasure sword from his spatial ring. This sword had also been refined within the blood pond, and its power was incomparable to the past.

He stroked the flat blade of the...

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