Chapter 925 – Merciless Indifference

Chapter 925 – Merciless Indifference

In the span of three years, Yang Yun’s looks hadn’t changed but his temperament was completely different. The past Yang Yun had white clothes that fluttered in the wind and his temperament was ethereal, as if he were untainted by the world. His words were elegant and he was extraordinarily handsome. To describe him with a term would be: a jade-like gentleman.

The current Yang Yun was completely different. There was no longer even the slightest shadow of his past self in his current incarnation. He wore a long crimson robe, and most of his clothes were pulled wide open, revealing powerful shoulders and a defined chest that surged with vitality. His muscles were aesthetic and beautifully cut as if they were formed from jade, crystalline and without flaw.

There was a red line that slashed down between his eyebrows, with two sharp points and a round center, looking like an eye. It lent him a devilish charm.

Such a transformation was because Yang Yun was approaching the demonic path. A martial artists aura was in the end the energy field that surrounded them. Those that studied orthodox cultivation methods would have an energy field that veered towards the correct path, and those that studied demonic path cultivation methods had temperaments...

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