Chapter 924(B) - Settling the Cycle of Karma 2

Chapter 924(B) – Settling the Cycle of Karma

As Lin Ming spoke, Lin Wanshan could only nod.

Lin Ming saw Lin Wanshan’s disappointment that these 18 puppets would be destroyed after they were used twice, but he wasn’t surprised. After all, a Patriarch of a mortal family had a single most important goal, and that was ensuring the prosperity of his descendants. How could his heart not ache upon learning that such divine objects that could protect his family clan would disappear after being used? It was just that with Lin Ming’s status, there was nothing he could say.

Lin Ming shook his head and said, “Even if these 18 puppets I leave behind can be used permanently, it still won’t be enough for the Lin Family to remain prosperous forever. Instead, it might cause the Lin Family’s might to rise as fast as a bubble, and also blow up as fast as a bubble. A hundred year dynasty, a thousand year sect, and a 10,000 year Holy Land; who doesn’t want to enjoy glory and prosperity forever? I also want the Lin Family to develop into a superpower that can live on for tens of thousands of years. But the Lin Family doesn’t have the foundation to do so, nor does it have the destiny. If the Lin Family is one day beaten into the sands of time and lost to the world, that is merely the cycle of samsara at work. It’s to be mourned, but...

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