Chapter 924(A) – Settling the Cycle of Karma

Chapter 924(A) – Settling the Cycle of Karma

The space within the Extreme Violet Ring was sizable and comfortable. When Lin Ming received the Lin Family Clan into his spatial ring, he had left the majority of the buildings intact. As Lin Ming saw these buildings, memories began to emerge within his mind.

Hidden Smoke Hall. Rain Flower Pavilion.

As Lin Ming looked at these places that once resembled the most noble and upper crust society of the family clan, he felt emotions swell within him. These were areas that only the young masters and ladies of the family clan could enter. They would ride on wooden sedans and enjoy the flowery scenery. They would be accompanied by groups of servants as well as having trays of fruits and exquisite desserts waiting for them at any time.

When Lin Ming was young, this represented the ultimate lifestyle in his mind. He had longed for this type of wealthy life, and thought that after he grew up and reached the peak of martial arts, he could also become such a top character. But now, none of this was what he pursued.

In the past, Lin Ming came to the Lin Mansion several times with his father to prepare for great feasts. His job was to debone meat. With his sharp boning knife in hand, he would slice vicious beasts into various parts, and watch as his father cooked them into a number of different dishes.

Besides that, he...

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