Chapter 923 – Refine the Soul

Chapter 923 – Refine the Soul

“Mm? He wants me to return?”

After Whitedemon heard the message in the sound transmitting talisman, he hatefully glared at Lin Ming, “You brat, consider yourself lucky. One year from now is when you die!”

As Whitedemon finished speaking, his body turned into a beam of light that flew towards the north.

Lin Ming didn’t stop him, and in fact couldn’t stop him. The two of them had similar strength and neither could block the other. If Lin Ming wanted to leave, Whitedemon wouldn’t have been able to stop him either.

Whitedemon soon vanished in the horizon. Lin Ming was silent for a moment and then also left. He displayed his maximum speed and flew away from the Sky Fortune Kingdom, across the Southern Wildness, and then changed directions several more times before finding a isolated and lonely island in the South Sea where he landed.

“So this is the strength of the highest under the heavens. I wonder how Yang Yun’s strength can compare? If it were three years ago and Yang Yun drew support from the Ancient Devil then his strength would be about similar to Whitedemon.”

Lin Ming mumbled to himself. Although the Ancient Devil was also an officer of a Divine Realm army in the past, all he had left was an incomplete soul form. Soul force had no physical...

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