Chapter 922 Fighting Whitedemon

Chapter 922 – Fighting Whitedemon

A single transcendent divine might could allow a martial artist to jump several boundaries in order to fight. For instance, Lin Ming’s current true combat strength was only slightly stronger than Situ Haotian’s; he was far from being comparable to characters like the Sublime Smelting Imperial Grand Uncle Ouye Hua and the Nine Furnace Highest Divine Emperor Yang Laotian, and there was no comparison with someone like Whitedemon. But, by relying on the grandmist space, Lin Ming’s strength had reached a level where he could contend with Whitedemon.

The creation of a transcendent divine might was the product of an Empyrean’s lifetime experience and knowledge, completely gathered into a single ability. There were even some existences that were referred to as ‘Divine’. These transcendent divine mights had been preserved and passed down in the Divine Realm for billions of years. This meant that there wasn’t even a single transcendent divine might created every million years. The rarity and magnificence of such an ability could be inferred. There were even many Divine Realm World Kings that never had a chance to obtain a portion of a transcendent divine might.

Among all the transcendent divine mights, a martial intent was one of the most special kinds. This was because a martial intent could not be studied, only comprehended. However, there was a single exception. This was if the master of the martial intent was willing to separate a portion of their martial intent and form a martial intent seed, sealing that seed into a symbol paper or spirit artifact and then granting it to others.

The situation was exceedingly rare. Firstly, no one was willing to separate a portion of their own martial intent and weaken their own supernatural powers. Secondly, in order to do so, one had to have a cultivation of at least a World King or Empyrean, and also have an extremely high understanding into soul and will. Only then would they have the ability to cut off a portion of their own martial intent and form a martial intent seed, bestowing it to others.

But with Whitedemon’s experience, he simply didn’t know this. This was why he was so shocked. He couldn’t understand how Lin Ming had managed to comprehend the Heavenly Demon martial intent.

In fact, the only reason he was able to recognize the Heavenly Demon martial intent was because he participated in the great war 100,000 years ago. He had been a part of the armies that fought against Empyrean Primordius and also saw him use this ability with his own eyes. When Empyrean Primordius used the Heavenly Demon martial intent, he was able to instantly kill thousands and tens of thousands of Divine Realm martial artists. And most of those people that perished had been far stronger than Whitedemon. This scene had frightened Whitedemon and left an incomparably deep impression in his heart. Otherwise with his status, he would have never seen such a legendary martial intent.

“I never imagined that your destiny would reach such a degree. Even a portion of the transcendent divine might-ranked Primordius martial intent was comprehended by you! I wonder, if I kill you, will I be able to obtain Empyrean Primordius’ inheritance?”

“Transcendent divine might?” Lin Ming’s eyebrows shot up. This term had appeared in the Ancient Devil’s memories and Lin Ming also had a minor understanding of it. Indeed, if it were the complete Primordius martial intent then it truly was deserving of the title of transcendent divine might.

“There are numerous kinds of transcendent divine mights in the Divine Realm, I wonder how my Heretical God Force would rank among them? Where can I obtain the other parts of the Primordius martial intent? Could it be the Sea of Miracles and Eternal Demon Abyss? And just what degree would the complete Primordius martial intent reach?”

All of those thoughts instantly flashed through Lin Ming’s mind.

At this moment, Whitedemon moved.

With the Yellow Springs Ghost Burying Array having failed, Whitedemon could only rely on his own strength. His upper clothes suddenly bulged and tore apart, and a bright purple tattoo lit up on his back with a dazzling light. Currents of true essence condensed behind him, forming into a massive black phantom. This great black phantom was hundreds of feet tall and had nine heads in total.

This was the legendary Hydra monster!

Whitedemon was from the Hydra Clan. This was one of the greater clans of the Divine Realm, with countless clansmen spread throughout the universe. Although the Hydra was not a God Beast and inferior to a Phoenix, the Divine Realm Hydra Clan’s bloodline was much richer than the Ancient Phoenix Clan’s, thus the Hydra Clan was in no way inferior to the Divine Realm Phoenix Clan.

“Snake Swallows the Universe!”

The strange demon youth raised his purple lance and the hydra phantom behind him ravenously opened all nine ghoulish mouths, and all of the surrounding heaven and earth origin energy around him began to stir up.


The nine hydra heads roared together, the terrifying sonic explosion directly impacting into the skies.

Ever since Whitedemon had slipped through his prison in the Sea of Miracles, his body had been greatly weakened. He originally didn’t plan on using the power of his bloodline, but now he was forced with no other option. Let alone killing Lin Ming, it was possible he would even be killed instead.

Whitedemon rushed forwards, bringing the massive hydra phantom to smash into the grandmist space. The hundreds of feet tall hydra crashed into the grandmist space and began to crazily bite at it. It wanted to tear the space barrier apart!

As the saying went, a snake was greedy and hungry enough to swallow an elephant. A snake could swallow down an object several times its size, and the hydra had reached the peak in this regard. The nine heads of a hydra were said to be able to swallow the sun, thus the reason the hydra was also named the sky devouring python.

With Snake Swallows the Universe, Whitedemon wanted to use this move to forcefully devour the grandmist space.

The grandmist space was both offensive and defensive and extended over a thousand miles outwards. After a long distance attack ran into the grandmist space, it would weaken the further it penetrated inwards. In order to attack Lin Ming, one’s main body had to enter the grandmist space. But, within the grandmist space, they would fall under suppressive principles and their combat strength would greatly drop.

Whitedemon didn’t want to give Lin Ming the advantage or initiative. Thus, he utilized the power of his bloodline in order to break apart the grandmist space. As long as the grandmist space was broken then Lin Ming simply wasn’t his match.

“You want to swallow my grandmist space?” A cold smile appeared on Lin Ming’s face. “The world represents the highest Laws, the Laws that all myriad creatures must obey. It is impossible for a hydra to swallow the highest Laws. If you wish to swallow the grandmist space, then let me swallow you down first!”

Lin Ming shook the Great Desolate Blood Halberd and joints through his entire body began to emit crackling ‘ka ka ka’ sounds. The compressed energy within the Heretical God Seed surged out once more and the grandmist space expanded outwards, completely enveloping the hydra phantom released by Whitedemon.

“Chaos storm!”

Lin Ming pointed the Great Desolate Blood Halberd outwards and the faint elementary grandmist energy formed a massive storm in the world, clashing together with the black hydra. Flesh and blood flew out, storms filled the air, and the world lost its color. This was a frigid battle!

Whitedemon’s bloodline power rapidly faded away and Lin Ming wasn’t any better off. The hydra phantom’s energy was far too vigorous. To swallow that strength with the grandmist space cost a massive amount of Lin Ming’s true essence. In addition with having to burning the Ancient Phoenix blood, even if Lin Ming’s foundation was solid and he had the Gate of Healing supporting him, he wasn’t able to withstand this for too long.

As Whitedemon saw his own hydra incarnation about to be swallowed up by the grandmist space, his eyes turned blood red. He grabbed his purple lance and shot forwards.


The grandmist space tore apart. Whitedemon fused together with the black hydra phantom, and with a resounding ‘ka ka ka’ sound, all of the muscles in his body suddenly bulged outwards. The lower half of his body was embezzled by the black energy, forming a snake tail.

Whitedemon had unexpectedly transformed into a half-man-half-snake monster. Moreover, he now he nine heads, each of them with the exact appearance of Whitedemon.

“Shattered Star, break for me!”

Whitedemon spat out blood essence onto his weapon, and the purple lance began to emit a dazzling light. A 100,000 foot long beam of purple light pierced through 10,000 miles of space. The chaos storm was torn asunder, and the grandmist space began to emit crackling sounds as if it couldn’t withstand the impact force.

With the savage battle having reached this point, both combatants had put forth their complete abilities, neither of them holding back. This was a true battle with their lives on the line!

“Power of thunder and fire, Penetrating Rainbow!”

As Lin Ming saw Whitedemon about to burst through the grandmist space, he focused his mind within the Heretical God Sprout and completely ignited all of the power of thunder and fire. Thunder and fire twisted together, and for a moment it seemed as if Lin Ming held a sun in his hands. His attack collided with Whitedemon’s Shattered Star.

Stars smashed into the blazing sun!


When the Great Desolate Blood Halberd and the purple lance collided, the world changed colors and the sun and moon lost their light.

Whitedemon’s true essence was deeper. Even though he was weakened by the grandmist space, he still managed to suppress Lin Ming. But at this time, a black light flashed between Lin Ming’s eyebrows as a spear-shaped battle spirit came howling out!

The grandmist battle spirit fused with the Great Desolate Blood Halberd!

With a battle spirit attached to the Great Desolate Blood Halberd, the sharp might of the weapon rose to another level. The purple lance seemed to emit a whimpering sound as if it wasn’t able to withstand the great strength and would shatter at any moment.


Whitedemon was shocked. He branched out a part of his power to protect the purple lance, but this distracted him for the briefest moment. Lin Ming took the opportunity to suddenly recover his battle spirit, fuse it with his soul force, and then shoot it outwards!

In that moment, a chaos demon spirit phantom appeared behind him. Lin Ming’s soul force thrust in between Whitedemon’s eyebrows, shooting straight towards his spiritual sea!

This was the High Chaos Devil Arts that Lin Ming had obtained from the old Imp. This was a soul attack law formula. If used directly against someone like Whitedemon, who had a potent soul force himself, then even with the battle spirit’s support it wouldn’t have too great an effect. At best they would both be severely wounded.

But in a surprise, if Lin Ming managed to take advantage of a time when Whitedemon lost concentration, then that was a different story. Lin Ming had used his battle spirit to set a trap, and now he had caught Whitedemon off guard.

Whitedemon felt his spiritual sea violently tremble as his mind blanked for a brief moment. But in a battle between masters, the shortest lapse of consciousness was enough to turn the tables.


The halberd light and lance light exploded together. A terrifying shock wave surged outwards, nearly tearing apart the grandmist space. Lin Ming’s complexion turned pale white as he drew back the Heavenly Demon martial intent and tumbled backwards.

But Whitedemon was in an even more miserable condition. His bodily protective true essence had been torn apart by the shockwave and his entire chest was covered with thick blood!

“You bastard!”

Whitedemon’s hair was in disarray and his entire body was dripping with blood. Although these wounds didn’t harm his vitality, it was still a great humiliation!

His cultivation was currently equal to a late Divine Sea powerhouse, and yet he had been injured to such an extent by Lin Ming, a mere fourth stage Life Destruction martial artist. How could he not be enraged to the point of gasping for air?

But there was nothing he could do to Lin Ming. This offensive and defensive grandmist space was too tricky. His base strength far exceeded Lin Ming’s, but he was powerless to do anything!

Although Lin Ming was able to take the upper hand in that strike, wanting to defeat Whitedemon was actually extremely difficult. He grasped the Great Desolate Blood Halberd and compressed the grandmist space to a range of 100 feet to save true essence.

‘The Ancient Phoenix blood’s burning period will pass soon… that Whitedemon has the Hydra bloodline, his restorative abilities shouldn’t be much worse than mine.’

Lin Ming discovered that after Whitedemon was injured, the flesh on his chest began to wriggle together, slowly regenerating. If this battle continued then it would be a test to see who could last longer.

Lin Ming activated the grandmist space and burned the blood of the Ancient Phoenix, both of which consumed a massive amount of energy. But the energy Whitedemon required to stimulate the power of his bloodline was not minor either. It was hard to say who would emerge victorious here.

But at this moment, a blazing flame flashed in front of Whitedemon. This light was an ultra-long distance sound transmitting talisman that had sent a message from seven or eight million miles away.

There was only one person on the Sky Spill Continent who had such a long distance sound transmitting talisman.

That person was Yang Yun.

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