Chapter 921 – Transcendent Divine Might

Chapter 921 – Transcendent Divine Might

All of this happened in just a brief moment. Within several blinks of an eye, six Divine Sea martial artists had died, but Lin Ming hadn’t even moved. By just releasing his force field, he had killed six martial artists; the disparity was too great!

“Lin Ming, you dare!?”

The demon youth was both surprised and angry. He never imagined that of the helpers he gathered to activate the great array, over half of them would die before the fighting even began.

By relying on just a force field to massacre Divine Sea powerhouses, Lin Ming had reached a level beyond all of his expectations!

“Broken Star!”

The demon youth gave a loud shout and extracted a purple lance from his spatial ring. Endless starlight flowed out from the lance point, turning into purple bolts of power that fell down like galaxies.

At this moment, the demon youth had completely abandoned the Yellow Springs Ghost Burying Array. He attacked with everything he had!


The purple light pierced into the grandmist space like a hot knife, weakening the further in int went. At the same time, the grandmist space trembled as it collided with Whitedemon’s spear light.

Their attacks struck in sharp contention!

Whitedemon was a late Divine Sea powerhouse, moreover, he also came from...

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