Chapter 920 – Massacre

Chapter 920 – Massacre

Lin Ming stood there, with Situ Yaoxi stuck onto the end of the Great Desolate Blood Halberd. He glanced upwards at the strange demon youth in the sky and said with a sneer, “You’re called Whitedemon? How come it’s just you, where is your master?”

After obtaining the memories of the Ancient Devil, Lin Ming was much more clear as to what the relationship was between him and Whitedemon. When a number of Empyreans descended to this mortal world in order to subjugate Empyrean Primordius, they brought along with them armies from the Divine Realm that were millions in number. This Ancient Devil had been one of the minor military officers, and this Whitedemon was the loyal vice-captain of the Ancient Devil.

Afterwards, the two of them had been severely wounded by followers of Empyrean Primordius and sealed within the Sea of Miracles. With the Ancient Devil’s understandings of the Time Laws’ Concept of Stagnation, he had used them to change the flow of time and withstand the passing of 100,000 years. As time passed, the seal over the Sea of Miracles slightly loosened, and they took advantage of this chance, paying an immense price to escape from that calamity.

Of course, this was all because they were luckier than the others and hadn’t been locked in the depths of the Sea of Miracles. Otherwise, no matter how high their cultivation was, it would have been impossible for them to emerge from it...

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