Chapter 919 – Whitedemon Arrives

Chapter 919 – Whitedemon Arrives


Peng! Peng! Peng!

Lin Ming was like a tiger amidst a flock of sheep. Killing these Asura Divine Kingdom juniors was as easy as killing a chicken. Each one he ran over died with a single punch.

“Wait… wait wait! Don’t kill me! I never humiliated anyone from your Lin Family!” A Revolving Core youth said with a weeping tone.

“Is that so?”

Lin Ming sneered and slammed his palm down on the young martial artist’s forehead. Energy violently surged in as he mercilessly used a demonic path soul searching technique.

When a massive disparity in soul force intensity and cultivation existed between the soul searcher and the soul searchee, there was no need to fear that a spirit mark would pollute the other.

“Humph, you haven’t humiliated my Lin Family?” It would have been better if Lin Ming didn’t perform a soul search, because once he did, he became furious. This young man had violently ravaged and killed dozens of young women from the Lin Family. Although Lin Ming didn’t know who these young women were, his eyes still turned blood red with rage after seeing how they were cruelly tortured before their deaths.

Demonic path martial artists had naturally cruel dispositions. When they were young, it was easy for this type of barbaric mentality to manifest.

“You are so young...

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