Chapter 919 Whitedemon Arrives

Chapter 919 – Whitedemon Arrives


Peng! Peng! Peng!

Lin Ming was like a tiger amidst a flock of sheep. Killing these Asura Divine Kingdom juniors was as easy as killing a chicken. Each one he ran over died with a single punch.

“Wait… wait wait! Don’t kill me! I never humiliated anyone from your Lin Family!” A Revolving Core youth said with a weeping tone.

“Is that so?”

Lin Ming sneered and slammed his palm down on the young martial artist’s forehead. Energy violently surged in as he mercilessly used a demonic path soul searching technique.

When a massive disparity in soul force intensity and cultivation existed between the soul searcher and the soul searchee, there was no need to fear that a spirit mark would pollute the other.

“Humph, you haven’t humiliated my Lin Family?” It would have been better if Lin Ming didn’t perform a soul search, because once he did, he became furious. This young man had violently ravaged and killed dozens of young women from the Lin Family. Although Lin Ming didn’t know who these young women were, his eyes still turned blood red with rage after seeing how they were cruelly tortured before their deaths.

Demonic path martial artists had naturally cruel dispositions. When they were young, it was easy for this type of barbaric mentality to manifest.

“You are so young and yet so vicious. Killing you is equal to saving tens of thousands of lives!” As Lin Ming spoke, he suddenly pinched his right hand and this demonic path martial artist’s skull was crushed apart!

“Ahhh!” Situ Yaoxi had already become crazy. She desperately attacked the barriers of the Spectral Blood Skylock Array. But with her strength, and also being covered under the Prime Emperor Force Field, how could she possibly break through an array formation that Yang Yun had set down?

As Asura Divine Kingdom martial artists began dying all around him, Lin Ming’s eyes suddenly shot up. “Mm? Situ Chuan?”

He found that a martial artist cowering in the corner was actually Situ Chuan.

“Situ Chuan! It’s been such a long time! How have you been?” Lin Ming’s lips curved up in a smile.

At Yang Yun’s Nine Flowers Banquet, Situ Chuan had known that Lin Ming had the inheritance of the Demon Emperor on him, and thus openly provoked him into a fight. Situ Chuan had wanted to steal away all of Lin Ming’s inheritances, but he had underestimated Lin Ming’s strength and finally had to run away after being beaten up.

Afterwards, at the Forsaken God Clan’s dimensional realm, Situ Chuan had once again clashed with Lin Ming. He had taunted Lin Ming repeatedly and also challenged him. However, even with the Demon God Heartguard Mirror protecting him, he had been severely wounded by Lin Ming’s single finger.

The two of them could be said to be enemies that often crossed paths. Situ Chuan had been hiding in the crowd for fear that Lin Ming would see him, but after half of the martial artists died in the blink of an eye, Situ Chuan was eventually noticed.

“Lin Lanjian… let’s not be hasty here…” Situ Chuan’s heart trembled. He had no idea what to say.


Towards someone like Situ Chuan, Lin Ming didn’t even bother saying anything. His palm came slamming out!

“Lin Lanjian, I hope you die you bastard!” Situ Chuan’s crazy screams faded in the next moment as Lin Ming’s palm crushed him into pulpy meat.

Peng! Peng! Peng!

Miserable wails filled the air as blood and flesh covered the walls. The heroic elites of the Asura Divine Kingdom were all killed off by Lin Ming. Situ Yaoxi’s eyes were deep red. She violently struck the Spectral Blood Skylock Array, but there wasn’t even the slightest change in the barrier.

Lin Ming grasped the Great Desolate Blood Halberd and walked towards Situ Yaoxi step by step. Situ Yaoxi was slumped to the ground, her face ashen and her heart dimming with despair.

She didn’t want to die. She especially didn’t want to die under Lin Ming’s hands. If he said that he could suck out her soul and refine it then he absolutely could do that.

Thinking about sucking out someone’s soul and refining it, Situ Yaoxi felt her entire body shake. She had done this procedure to her own enemies countless times already; she was well aware of just how painful it was.

She wanted to abandon her own meridians and commit suicide, but the true essence within her body was completely out of her control.

What kind of force field was this? How could it be so fierce!?

“You little bastard, I was the one who ordered the fingers and palms of your Lin Family’s juniors to be chopped off! If you have the guts then kill me with your palm!” Situ Yaoxi madly shouted out. She wanted to enrage Lin Ming enough that he would simply kill her here.

Lin Ming smiled, a smile filled with a sinister malice. “You want to die? It won’t be that easy. I will let you live and slowly torture you, otherwise it will be impossible for me to swallow this anger.”

Just as Situ Yaoxi lost all hope, dark clouds suddenly gathered in the sky. A bronze coffin dozens of feet long flew through the skies like a ghost. Six large black-clothed ghost slaves each held thick chains as they dragged this bronze coffin behind them. A strange demon youth was sitting calmly on the bronze coffin, a curious smile playing on his face. It was like he was simply taking a scenic tour of the world; he seemed peaceful and comfortable.

This strange demon youth was a follower of the Ancient Devil. His name was Whitedemon. He too possessed strength equal to the highest under the heavens, and possessed a greater level of strength than Old Man Good Fortune. If Old Man Good Fortune hadn’t gone all out with using the heaven perishing bead, then even he might have fallen underneath this strange demon youth’s hands.

Behind Whitedemon, there were also eight Emperor level powerhouses. All of these individuals were unexpectedly not human. Some of them had scales, fins, gills, several arms, or even long snake-like tails. All of these individuals appeared to be from the deep sea races. Undoubtedly, they had been brought under control by the Ancient Devil.

The Sky Spill Continent and Holy Demon Continent were on a spherical planet and the two land continents only occupied an extremely minor part of it. The true vastness was found in the seas. The South Sea, Fog Sea, North Sea, and Red Sea – these four seas combined together were endlessly flowing, wrapping around the entire planet. Far more Emperor level powerhouses lived in the sea than on land!

And these Divine Sea powerhouses had likely come from the most mysterious Fog Sea that lay on the western side of the Sky Spill Continent. Most of these deep sea martial artists that came were at the early Divine Sea realm, with a small number of them at the middle Divine Sea. There was even an old monster that was close to the late Divine Sea; he looked like a squid.

With the Ancient Devil’s methods as well as all the countless secrets and cultivation methods he possessed, it was simple for him to tempt these deep sea races with benefits. Coupled with his powerful strength, it was easy for him to bring all of these powerhouses under his control.

As Situ Yaoxi saw the strange demon youth as well as the several Divine Sea powerhouses behind him, she was like a drowning sailor that saw a piece of wood in the ocean. Her heart filled with happiness and she began to wildly laugh.

“Hahaha! Sir Whitedemon! The heavens have not abandoned me! The heavens have not abandoned me! Hahahahahaha!

“Sir Whitedemon, save me!”

Situ Yaoxi cried out.

“Lin Ming, you actually dared to come here. It seems that Sir Demon Lord has far overestimated you. I thought that no matter how dumb you were, even you would know this entire place was a trap. And yet you still walked in here to die. Very well then, let me deliver you onto the road to hell!”

Whitedemon waved his hand and crushed an array bead in his palm. The Spectral Blood Skylock Array shattered!

As Situ Yaoxi saw the great array that trapped her finally collapse, she wanted to cry out in relief. To be rescued after falling into the jaws of death, that was a truly indescribable feeling!

Situ Yaoxi felt a good portion of her strength return to her. She glared at Lin Ming with utter hatred in her eyes as she cried out in her mind, ‘You little bastard! I will make you pay a painful price for everything you’ve done today! When I capture you, I will have you suffer for a thousand years!’

Her figure moved and she displayed her movement technique, desperately trying to escape to Whitedemon. But just as she moved, it suddenly seemed as if she was separated from the strange demon youth by a nearly insurmountable distance. It was like she was trapped in a bubble of space, unable to escape this area.

That invisible force field once again covered over her, rapidly ablating all of her strength!

Situ Yaoxi panicked. She looked at Lin Ming with horror in her eyes. “Sir Whitedemon, save me!”

When Whitedemon broke the Spectral Blood Skylock Array, it had truly caused the energy of Lin Ming’s force field to scatter. But that was only for a brief moment. Lin Ming called up the Heavenly Demon martial intent and formed the complete grandmist space, covering everything in 1300 miles and directly isolating Situ Yaoxi.

“Humph, don’t worry, as long as I’m here there is nothing he can do to you!”

Whitedemon said with a conceited tone. Although he didn’t care about Situ Yaoxi’s life, he still cared about his face. If Situ Yaoxi, who also had the strength of an Emperor level powerhouse, were to be killed in front of him by Lin Ming, then what face would he have left?

Lin Ming sneered, “If I want to kill someone, do you really think you can stop me?”

“Hah! You really are stupid! You’ve already entered the trap that we laid down and yet you still think you’re in control of the situation? This is just a minor force field; do you think I can’t break it?” As Whitedemon Spoke, his right hand slammed outwards. His palm formed a demon claw made up of billowing demonic energy. He wanted to tear apart Lin Ming’s grandmist space and rescue Situ Yaoxi.

Lin Ming’s eyes flashed with a cold light and energy erupted from his body. The Heavenly Demon martial intent rapidly revolved and the grandmist space trembled. Faintly, a slight trace of gray energy appeared in the grandmist space. This was the elementary form of grandmist energy!

Grandmist space. It was able to smash apart all Laws, extinguish all life, true essence, and power of the five fundamental elements, turning all of that into ash that faded away. However, it didn’t truly disappear, but rather transformed into the elementary form of grandmist energy. Although it was the elementary form of grandmist energy, it was still an impossibly far distance from becoming true grandmist energy. In order to practice true grandmist energy, Lin Ming would need to become at least an overlord of the Divine Realm before that was possible.


As the roiling black demon claw smashed into the grandmist space, the space suddenly shook. The demon claw exploded into pieces, but the grandmist space actually didn’t break. As for Situ Yaoxi, who had already lost all of her strength, she was sent flying back from the aftermath of Whitedemon’s strike and nearly vomited blood.


Whitedemon burned with a shameful anger. He had just said he would shatter Lin Ming’s force field, but instead the result was that he had failed and also injured Situ Yaoxi with the shockwaves.

And at this moment, Lin Ming reached out a hand and a black vortex appeared in his palm. An invisible traction force hooked onto Situ Yaoxi and pulled her over.


Situ Yaoxi issued loud harrowing screams, but she was simply unable to resist this force. Her body tumbled over and over as she flew towards Lin Ming.

At this time, Lin Ming grasped the Great Desolate Blood Halberd and pointed it towards Situ Yaoxi’s chest.

“No - !”

Situ Yaoxi screamed out to the point where her throat tore apart. But she had no strength to resist in the least. She could only watch helplessly as she approached the chilling point of the Great Desolate Blood Halberd.


Blood shot out. Lin Ming’s halberd cleanly pierced through her body. It shattered her spine and cut apart her right lung before directly penetrating through her chest. She was simply like a frog that had been stuck onto the end of the Great Desolate Blood Halberd.

A Divine Sea powerhouse could survive as long as their heart and brain didn’t burst apart. And Situ Yaoxi’s true essence was locked down by Lin Ming, so she couldn’t even commit suicide.

Fresh blood dripped down the halberd edge. Situ Yaoxi’s legs rapidly pedaled in the air as she desperately struggled to free herself. However, she was no different from a grasshopper pierced with a needle. At this moment her heart filled with despair. “Sir Whitedemon… save me…”

“Lin Ming, you are seeking death!” Whitedemon was furious. He had said in front of his underlings that he would protect Situ Yaoxi, but the result was that she had been pierced through by Lin Ming’s halberd like a bug. This was simply slapping his face in front of everyone!

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