Chapter 917 Kill, Kill, Kill!

Chapter 917 – Kill, Kill, Kill!

As that blood red lotus fully bloomed, Situ Yaoxi felt an invisible energy field overwhelm the skies and fall over the world. This force field was desolate, bleak, and carrying with it the aura of the Great Dao Laws, making one unable to defy it and have no choice but to prostrate themselves to the floor in awe and worship.

Covered in this energy field, she felt the last dregs of power leave her body. Her true essence collapsed and dispersed away, and she lacked even the strength to grab a chicken. It was like she had turned back into a common mortal. Let alone attack Lin Ming, she didn’t even have the ability to run away.

“How could this happen?!” Situ Yaoxi said in panic. She was completely flustered. A martial artist was used to relying on their own strength. If they lost all of their strength and turned back into a mortal then how could they not be panicked?

Lin Ming didn’t even bother to glance at Situ Yaoxi. He grabbed Situ Yangon like a chicken and lifted him off the ground.

“You… what are you doing!?” Situ Yangon pedaled his legs in the air. Lin Ming’s hands were like a pincer, inescapable.

Lin Ming grinned devilishly, ignoring all of Situ Yangon’s miserable howls, “Didn’t you say you knew many obscenity path cultivation methods to suck up her primordial yin? Hehe, I will make it so that you’ll never be able to use these techniques again.”

“You… what are you planning to do!?” Situ Yangon thought that Lin Ming’s cold smile was like an inhuman devil’s. He shouted out even louder, trying his hardest to revolve his true essence, but no matter what he did, it was useless.

Lin Ming ignored Situ Yangon’s struggling. He lifted him higher, positioned himself between Situ Yangon’s legs and then shot his knee upwards!


With the sound of a cracking egg, Situ Yangon let out a pitiful scream like a pig that was being butchered. Sticky blood dripped downwards. He felt a horrifying pain between his legs that made him wish he was dead!

Lin Ming’s knee strike had destroyed his functions as a man!

Martial artists’ capacity to withstand pain was extremely high. They could clench their teeth and break an arm or break a leg. They could even use heavenly materials to make up for their losses. But sexual organs were different; that was also where the dignity of a man was located. The psychological trauma of losing this part was even worse than physical pain.

“I was castrated… I was castrated… I, Situ Yangon, have resolved myself to become a Divine Sea powerhouse level extreme talent, and now I’ve been castrated by another!”

Situ Yangon’s pupils lost their focus. His lips trembled as he muttered to himself again and again. At this moment, his entire world had become dark and dreary!

Lin Ming sneered. Then, with a hard tug of his arm, there was a shockingly grotesque ‘ka ka ka’ sound as both of Situ Yangon’s hands were ripped off by Lin Ming! Lin Ming crushed Situ Yangon’s palms in his hands, even pulling out his bloody tendons!

Situ Yangon squealed like a pig. His entire body shook; this was a fate worse than death!

Like this, Lin Ming had crippled a fifth stage Life Destruction extreme genius. Without weapon, without martial skills, and without even true essence, he relied on only his physical strength to waste away Situ Yangon. This was a truly ridiculous level of strength!

Lin Ming tossed away Situ Yangon like a dead dog and then turned towards Situ Yaoxi and Situ Meiyue, his face filled with a fierce wrath!

At this time, both of Situ Yaoxi’s legs were trembling, and Situ Meiyue was frightened to the point of curling up on herself. Her chest was violently heaving up and down and her beautiful face was as white as paper. She painfully said, “No… don’t…”

As Situ Meiyue saw Lin Ming walk towards her, her legs gave way and she slumped to the ground. Her strength had vanished from her body and there was nowhere for her to retreat to. She was the same as Situ Yaoxi; underneath the effects of this strange force field, all of the true essence within her body had become stagnant. If it weren’t for Lin Ming deliberately not killing them, they would have been turned to ashes long ago!

“Weren’t you about to tear off her clothes and hack her to thousands of pieces?” Lin Ming first moved towards Situ Meiyue.

“I… I wouldn’t dare, I wouldn’t dare!” Situ Meiyue cried out. She had her own pride, but that was built over a foundation of absolute strength. And now that she was shrouded in the force field and had lost all of her strength, she was no different from a mortal. If she couldn’t do anything, just where would her pride come from?

Outside of the array, Lan Yunyue watched blankly as all of this happened. She had no idea what was going on within the array formation. Those three people were obviously extremely powerful characters that could overturn the heavens, but how come they had turned into common people in front of Lin Ming? They didn’t even have the strength to resist him and were letting him mess with them as he wished.

“Don’t kill me, no, please, I’ll do anything you want, I’ll even be your slave, please don’t kill me!” Situ Meiyue’s heart of martial arts was originally shakier than Situ Yaoyue’s and Situ Luosha’s. With the threat of death hanging over her head, she was completely cowed.

“Slave? Humph, I have no need for you! Let me show you what it means to reap what you sow!”

Lin Ming suddenly thrust out his hands and tore off Situ Meiyue’s clothes. Then he slammed his palm at her chest.

Pulse Cutting Palm!


A violent true essence rampaged into Situ Meiyue’s body where it recklessly destroyed everything in its path. All of her meridians shattered and she vomited out a mouthful of blood. Her true essence was broken up by Lin Ming and even her dantian ruptured, with origin energy rapidly dissipating from her!

Lin Ming’s palm had completely wasted away all of Situ Meiyue’s remarkable abilities!

Situ Meiyue certainly knew just what had happened. Her lips shivered, her expression like a dying light. As a proud daughter of heaven, she was used to being haughty and standing above all others. To suddenly fall from the position she had in the clouds, the pain in her heart could be imagined!

Lin Ming grabbed Situ Meiyue and tossed her out of the Spectral Blood Skylock Array, right at Lan Yunyue’s feet. He had already become one with the Spectral Blood Skylock Array and he could open it however and whenever he wanted.

“I won’t kill you, I will let you keep your life. I’ve abandoned all of your abilities but you’ve still crossed six stages of Life Destruction. Although your supernatural powers are shattered, your mortal body was still tempered after all and you’ll have at least another thousand years of life. From this point onwards, you are her servant. You will act as her dog and bag and never violate a single order she gives. If you serve her diligently then perhaps I might restore some of your strength. Otherwise I will slowly hack you apart and make you wish I had killed you instead!”

Lin Ming had originally wanted to do to Situ Meiyue what she had been planning to do to Lan Yunyue. He would rip off her clothes and then slowly cut her apart. But as he began, he felt a tinge of disgust and loathing and thus chose a second punishment method instead.

“I’ll be a slave or servant…” Situ Meiyue’s lips shivered. For the proud and haughty her to serve a mortal for the rest of her life, that was even worse than killing her.

“Lin Ming… Lin Ming… you beast, I won’t let you go even when I’m a ghost!” Situ Yaoxi’s body trembled with anger and also with fear. In front of Lin Ming, she had no strength to resist him.

“Next is you!” Lin Ming slowly arrived in front of Situ Yaoxi, a fiendish grin hanging on his lips.

But at this time, the sound of bustling footsteps came from the other side of the door. Lin Ming turned to see several martial artists burst into the room. Most of them were juniors from the Asura Divine Kingdom, and there was even Elder Sun, whom Lin Ming had planted a tracing mark in.

“What happened here!?” As the others outside heard the pained screams coming from inside the front hall, they used their perception to investigate. However, their perception was blocked off from this area by some unknown force. By the time these people rushed over, they just happened to see this pitiful scene in front of them.

“Lin Lanjian!”

Elder Sun immediately recognized Lin Ming. However, he was still accustomed to calling Lin Ming by his fake name. This was because the name Lin Lanjian was his eternal nightmare!

“Hey, you’ve all made it here. Since you’ve come, don’t plan on leaving.” A cruel smile appeared on Lin Ming’s face.

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