Chapter 916 Taking Control

Chapter 916 – Taking Control

As Lin Ming saw the teacup that was flying through the air and also remembered the words that Situ Yaoxi had just said, ‘It seems only cutting off a few fingers or half a palm was being too soft on them’, both of his eyes turned crimson with wrath.

The memory of Lan Yunyue just now struck him like a bolt of lightning. Her left sleeve had been hanging downwards, concealing her hand. She had left it hanging there and obstructing her movement, no matter whether she was boiling water or steeping the tea. He had thought that it was strange, though he hadn’t been paying too much attention. But now, as he suddenly understood just what had happened, his mind nearly turned blank with fury.

His perception shot out towards Lan Yunyue’s left sleeve and he discovered that she only had half a palm left; all five of her fingers had been cut off!

In that moment, Lin Ming’s eyes nearly popped out of his head as he felt his heart crack into seven or eight pieces. In his life, he had never experienced such a profound hatred and killing intent!

As the teacup flew in the air, the boiling tea water rained downwards. But as Lan Yunyue saw this teacup flying towards her, her face paled; she was unable to dodge it. Even though Situ Yaoxi had only casually thrown the teacup at her, this teacup still contained the power of Laws. With Lan Yunyue’s mere Houtian realm cultivation, it was impossible for her to avoid it.

Just as the teacup was about to hit her head, it suddenly shattered as if it had struck something. Then, in Lan Yunyue’s bewildered gaze, the teacup turned into dust that vanished altogether. All of the boiling tea water also disappeared. This wasn’t evaporation – this was truly ceasing to exist, true annihilation!

This is…

Lan Yunyue’s eyes shot open. She watched as the space in front of her tore apart, and a black-clothed young man with flowing long hair stepped out from the void. He grasped a blood red halberd in his hands. His inky black hair nearly hung to his knees and his aura was deep enough to overwhelm the world!

His eyebrows were like swords that slanted to his temples. His appearance was handsome, his build strong yet slender. He seemed like a jade-like immortal, but his eyes actually contained a passionate rage and resentment that could make the heavens shiver!

An invisible killing intent came shrouding down, locking this entire space. At this time, Lin Ming no longer cared about listening in on whatever information there was about Yang Yun.

All he wanted to do now was to kill off these people present with the cruelest and most inhumane methods possible!

He spoke slowly, enunciating each and every word. His voice dripped with an icy cold tone that stabbed to the bone, “I want all of you to die here! I will obliterate your souls so that you will never experience samsara, you will never reincarnate!”

“Lin Ming!” As Situ Meiyue and the young man saw Lin Ming suddenly appear, they jumped up like a cat whose tail was stomped on. Although they were normally insufferable and arrogant individuals, in the face of the eternally monstrous freak Lin Ming, just where would they find the capital to be proud and haughty? He was an abnormality that already had the power to contend with a weak Divine Sea powerhouse three years ago!

“Don’t panic!” After Situ Yaoxi was shocked for a moment, she immediately calmed down. Lin Ming’s appearance here was exactly what she was hoping for!

“Hehe, Lin Ming, you could walk through the roads of heaven but you would rather break through the gates of hell! You clearly know there is a trap here and yet you rush in like an idiot! It seems that I underestimated just how important this little slut is in your heart. Good! Very good! If I had known she was so important to you earlier then I would have tortured her even more! I’d have cut open her face, torn off her nose, and dug out her eyes! And it’s not too late now either. Slowly torturing her in front of you would have an even better effect! Hahahaha!”

Situ Yaoxi had already gone mad. She recklessly laughed and crushed a bead in her hand. Lin Ming suddenly felt that the world rules around him had slightly changed, as if the space had suddenly contracted around him!

‘Mm? This is… the Spectral Blood Skylock Array!’

The Spectral Blood Skylock Array was one of the array formations that the Ancient Devil was highly proud of. It could lock down the world rules of space and time in an area, trapping a martial artist within so that they couldn’t leave.

The Spectral Blood Skylock Array had to be arranged in advance. It would form a trap in an area of several miles, and once someone were to step in range of this array formation, one only had to crush a previously prepared array bead to activate the array. Once the array formation started, it would suddenly shrink and trap everyone within a 30 foot space, imprisoning all supernatural powers.

Because this array formation was a trap, it was very easily hidden; it was hard for anyone to sense it. However, Lin Ming had perceived the memories of the Ancient Devil and was familiar with all circumstances of the Spectral Blood Skylock Array. If he had been more careful ahead of time and had investigated, then he would have discovered the Spectral Blood Skylock Array. But since he was hiding in the space distortion to avoid Situ Yaoxi, he naturally wasn’t able to release his perception, thus he hadn’t discovered it before now.

“Hahaha, you’re an idiot, an idiot! I’ve never seen such an idiot before!” Situ Yaoxi laughed as she suddenly saw herself in control of Lin Ming. She knew that after three years she was likely not Lin Ming’s match, but with Yang Yun’s array formation here, capturing Lin Ming would be easy.

Behind Lin Ming, Lan Yunyue first felt surprised to see him suddenly appear, then incredulity, and then nervousness. She didn’t know about the Spectral Blood Skylock Array, but she knew that these people had certainly prepared a trap for Lin Ming and were waiting for him to appear here.

She cried out in dismay, “Lin Ming, hurry up and run! They’ve set a trap for you!”

“Hahaha, you stupid little slut, you really are an idiot! This little beast was already doomed the moment he stepped into my trap! He has already been surrounded!” The young man beside Situ Yaoxi began laughing crazily. For the eternally number one monstrous genius to perish under his hands was a matter to be proud of. Although he didn’t have any hopes that he could obtain the secrets on Lin Ming’s body, he still hoped he could inherit a small portion of Lin Ming’s destiny.

As Lan Yunyue heard the young man speak, her heart faded like a dying candle. “Lin Ming… I…”

Her eyes were filled with tears. She felt as if a knife were twisted into her heart. She would rather that Lin Ming be cruel and completely disregard her, she would rather her arm be cut off, she would rather be humiliated by a group of sex fiends; she would rather all of that happen than for Lin Ming to die here because of her.

“Humph, disgusting bitch, although you are stupid, you actually dare to warn Lin Ming in front of me. You really are too impatient to die. Meiyue, Yangon, I want you to tear off this slut’s clothes and rip off a chunk of her meat! I’m looking forwards to enjoying her expression!”

“Haha, alright!” As the young man heard Situ Yaoxi’s orders, he wickedly smiled. He was Situ Yangon.

Lan Yunyue clutched her arms together as she saw the two youths walk towards her. Her face paled and her eyes filled with lifeless despair. But, what she worried about was not herself. She looked at Lin Ming as tears flowed down her cheeks. “I am sorry… I am so sorry… my death is worthless, you… you shouldn’t have come…”

Within the Spectral Blood Skylock Array, Lin Ming remained silent. His thoughts were completely concentrated on the Spectral Blood Skylock Array’s array heart. The Saint artifact bracer on his wrist began to shine with a golden light. The angrier he became, the clearer his thoughts were. He already understood this array. Now, he only needed to understand its arrangement of runes. Once he did that, he could pour his own true essence into it and wrest away control of the array formation.

As Situ Yaoxi saw all of this happen, she was increasingly happy and satisfied, and her thoughts became that much more smooth. Because of Lin Ming, her face had been swept to the floor. She had suffered great losses that left her trembling with rage, and now she was finally able to take revenge.

“I originally thought that this worthless woman wasn’t even worth a damn in your heart, so I never placed her in my eyes. But if I knew that you thought so greatly of her then I would have called several freakish sex demons to rape her in front of you today so that she would beg for death!”

“Haha, Grandaunt, this nephew also understands some obscenity path cultivation methods to suck up a woman’s yin energy and nourish my yang energy. If you wish, I can try them out on her today. It’s just that this woman’s cultivation is too low, so there isn’t much primordial yin energy I would be able to obtain from her. Rather, she might be the one that profits from me. Heh, then today I will bestow upon her a lucky chance.” Situ Yangon manically grinned as he jumped towards Lan Yunyue. But at this moment, Lin Ming’s eyes burst open with a sharp light. In just five breaths of time, the entire Spectral Blood Skylock Array had been completely unraveled by him.

“Spectral Blood Skylock Array, expand!” Lin Ming cried out. He opened the Heretical God Force to the limit as he poured his true essence into the Spectral Blood Skylock Array, tracing his energy across the arrangement of runes and stealing away control of the array formation! The mere 30 foot radius Spectral Blood Skylock Array suddenly expanded to a radius of 100 feet, completely covering Situ Yangon inside.


Situ Yangon smashed into the array barrier. Blood surged in his body as stars appeared in his vision.

“How… how is this…”

Situ Yangon was completely stunned. He had been inexplicably trapped in the Spectral Blood Skylock Array with Lin Ming!!

How could this be possible!?

It wasn’t just Situ Yangon, but Situ Yaoxi and Situ Meiyue were also dumbfounded. They wanted to run away, but at this moment the Spectral Blood Skylock Array suddenly expanded outwards crazily once again. It grew out to a radius of several hundred feet, also covering Situ Yaoxi and Situ Meiyue!

In an instant, the three of them were trapped in an unbreakable cage with Lin Ming. They were like three dogs trapped in a pit with a wild lion; their fates could be imagined!

“What… what is going on here!?”

Situ Yaoxi was frightened as her complexion turned gray! As for Situ Meiyue and Situ Yangon, they both felt as if they had fallen into an icy lake, their hearts filling with horror!

The Spectral Blood Skylock Array was an array formation set down by Yang Yun! How could Lin Ming possibly seize control of it!?

Outside of the array formation, Lan Yunyue was completely unaware of what had just occurred. But she could see from the frightened expressions of the three people that Lin Ming had suddenly taken control of the situation. She felt as if she was dreaming all of this. In just a mere 10 years of time, Lin Ming had become someone that could make people like this fall into abject terror!

“Don’t be afraid! Although this little beast managed to reach the fourth stage of Life Destruction in these last three years, I can still rely on my Divine Sea realm cultivation to withstand him for a brief period. Reinforcements should arrive by then! No one panic!” Situ Yaoxi roared out loud, wanting to see if she could send out this message to anyone listening.

But at this moment, Lin Ming suddenly rushed over. Without even using the Great Desolate Blood Halberd, he directly grabbed at Situ Yangon. Like an eagle catching a rabbit, with both of them locked in this space together, there was just no way for Situ Yangon to dodge!

“Grandaunt! Save me!” Situ Yangon was scared witless. His face was paler than death. Lin Ming’s hand seemed as if it had taken hold of the space around him – there was nowhere for him to dodge to. Against Lin Ming, he was nothing more than a little baby facing an adult; he had no strength to resist. Even the true essence within his body had been instantly locked down. He was unable to circulate the energy within himself! This spooked him so much that he could only cry out to Situ Yaoxi.

“You little beast, let him go! I’ll be the one to fight you!” Situ Yaoxi shrieked as she took out a crimson sickle and slashed at Lin Ming’s neck. But at that moment, Situ Yaoxi actually paused in her steps. She saw that behind Lin Ming, a strange and bewitching blood lotus was blooming…

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