Chapter 915 – Old Friends, Wrath

Chapter 915 – Old Friends, Wrath

Sky Fortune Kingdom was a tiny common country that was subordinate to the Seven Profound Territory of the South Horizon Region’s Divine Phoenix Province. It had a populations of several tens of million and was only a standard mortal country with no sect inheritances of any kind; they only had their own ingrown system of their country. To develop a Xiantian powerhouse was impossibly difficult. This was because without resources and guidance, one could only explore the road of martial arts on their own. Any talent born there would be buried in the barren lands.

And now, as Lin Ming approached Green Mulberry City, he actually discovered a strange energy atmosphere. This sort of revolving energy formation that hid the rules of the Great Dao naturally came from the hands of a top powerhouse.

“They really are waiting for me there!”

Lin Ming’s eyes flashed with a harsh light. With a simple thought, his figure vanished as he calmly hid away in a space distortion. With his understanding towards the Space Laws, hiding his body with space distortions was a simple matter. In this world, besides Yang Yun, Old Man Good Fortune, and perhaps a few others, there was no one who could...

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