Chapter 914 – Returning to The Sky Spill Continent

Chapter 914 – Returning to The Sky Spill Continent

In the vast and endless sea, a group of sharks was shuttling through a raging storm. They were a terrifying pack of beasts, powerful and vicious, and the leader of these sharks was a 70-80 foot long great shark that was gray all over. Its dorsal fin cut upwards like a steel knife, and its great mouth was large enough to swallow an elephant.

On the back of this giant shark, there was actually a little girl sitting there. Her body was round and slightly pudgy, and her cheeks were cute and pinchable. Her powdered body looked just like a newly born mouse.

She wore a small red bellyband and there was a shining silver necklace around her neck. Her hair was wet with seawater, causing it to stick to her forehead. Her cheeks dripped with crystal clear droplets of water, and her two meaty arms looked like lotus roots as they were squished together.

This little girl only looked around seven or eight years old. As she sat on the back of this giant shark, there wasn’t the least bit of fear in her expression. Rather, a bright smile lit up her face as she giggled, her voice like tinkling silver bells. But, the tone was strangely strong. In this billowing storm, it was actually quite clear.

This was also a reasonable matter. Although this...

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