Chapter 912 – Becoming the Steppes Master

Chapter 912 – Becoming the Steppes Master

Lin Ming wasn’t in a hurry to return to the Sky Spill Continent. He was now at the fourth stage of Life Destruction and had opened the first four of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates, but he still had the Ancient Devil’s memories that he hadn’t assimilated yet. If he could thoroughly perceive these memories, then his understandings of the Concept of Time and Concept of Darkness could take another step forwards. As for the other parts, while they wouldn’t increase his strength any time soon, they would still allow him to clearly understand the Ancient Devil’s weaknesses.

This was the greatest capital that Lin Ming was relying on to contend with Yang Yun. Otherwise, even though his strength had improved so much recently, he still wouldn’t have any assurance he could defeat Yang Yun.

As Demonshine saw Lin Ming receive the Heavenly Demon martial intent back inside himself, his thoughts suddenly stirred. “Don’t you think it’s a bit strange? If the Prime Emperor, Asura, and Death God force fields fused together, that forms the complete Heavenly Demon martial intent, but why is it named after the heavenly demons? I think it would be better if it were called chaos, grandmist, or even something like primordial. It seems that would be much more appropriate.” Demonshine said as he stroked his red-furred chin.

Lin Ming thought for a moment and said, “Perhaps the grandmist martial intent...

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