Chapter 911 – I, Prime Emperor

Chapter 911 – I, Prime Emperor

At that moment, a lofty heroic spirit and daring pride gushed out from Lin Ming’s spiritual sea. With a loud sound of something shattering, the Prime Emperor martial intent, Asura martial intent, and Death God martial intent all began to dance in the skies of his spiritual sea. A rumbling storm formed as all three martial intents began to slowly fuse together!

Asura – across the endless battlefield, the immortal champion of a hundred battles, condensing pure killing intent into a pressure that could oppress an opponent’s divine soul, body, true essence, sapping their fighting will, and causing fear to seep into their hearts before the first blow was even exchanged.

That was the essence of Asura!

Death God – countless murders, limitless bloodshed, passing through mountains of blood and death, forming a force field of killing intent that could cut off an enemy’s life and extinguish the fires of life of countless people.

That was the essence of Death God!

Prime Emperor – absolute control of a side world, halting the Laws of the world, and becoming the spiritual god of a separate space, ruling life and death, commanding all.

That was the essence of Prime Emperor!

Bloodshed and struggling were the life of a martial artist; there was no one that could diverge from this path. If one only closed up in training, it was impossible to become a king.

Once an individual...

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