Chapter 910 – Fusing the Three Great Force Fields

Chapter 910 – Fusing the Three Great Force Fields

“It would have been better if that Ancient Devil hadn’t blown himself up. If these two soul fragments were together then the memories would be much more complete.”

When Lin Ming was still at the Body Transformation realm, he had to be beyond careful when choosing which soul fragment to absorb, and he even had to choose the smallest ones. But the situation was different now. Besides the sphere of light in the center, Lin Ming could freely choose which soul fragment to absorb. Even if the Ancient Devil’s complete soul fragment were here, he had full confidence that he could absorb it.

Lin Ming didn’t randomly choose which of these two soul fragments to absorb. First, he used his perception to investigate them. He discovered that there was a small difference their size; the first soul fragment was about 10% larger than the second.

However, the smaller soul fragment had a faint black light flowing out from it. There even seemed to be a slight difference in the flow of time around the soul fragment.

On the other hand, the Law fluctuations around the larger soul fragment were much weaker.

Without a doubt, the smaller soul fragment contained more of the Ancient Devil’s comprehensions of Laws.

“I’ll choose this one then!”

Lin Ming grasped that small soul fragment. Most of the memories in this soul fragment were about its master’s early life experiences. These memories weren’t of much use to Lin Ming; he was mainly concerned...

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