Chapter 910 Fusing the Three Great Force Fields

Chapter 910 – Fusing the Three Great Force Fields

“It would have been better if that Ancient Devil hadn’t blown himself up. If these two soul fragments were together then the memories would be much more complete.”

When Lin Ming was still at the Body Transformation realm, he had to be beyond careful when choosing which soul fragment to absorb, and he even had to choose the smallest ones. But the situation was different now. Besides the sphere of light in the center, Lin Ming could freely choose which soul fragment to absorb. Even if the Ancient Devil’s complete soul fragment were here, he had full confidence that he could absorb it.

Lin Ming didn’t randomly choose which of these two soul fragments to absorb. First, he used his perception to investigate them. He discovered that there was a small difference their size; the first soul fragment was about 10% larger than the second.

However, the smaller soul fragment had a faint black light flowing out from it. There even seemed to be a slight difference in the flow of time around the soul fragment.

On the other hand, the Law fluctuations around the larger soul fragment were much weaker.

Without a doubt, the smaller soul fragment contained more of the Ancient Devil’s comprehensions of Laws.

“I’ll choose this one then!”

Lin Ming grasped that small soul fragment. Most of the memories in this soul fragment were about its master’s early life experiences. These memories weren’t of much use to Lin Ming; he was mainly concerned about abilities, techniques, and Laws. These types of cultivation memories could allow Lin Ming’s strength to reach yet another level.


The soul fragment was completely swallowed up by Lin Ming and dissolved into his spiritual sea.

As Lin Ming’s cultivation grew, he began to understand that it was impossible for other martial artists to directly swallow up the memories of others like this. This was because every soul fragment, no matter how small or unimportant, would have a spirit mark left behind by its owner.

A spirit mark was a characteristic of the source of life. If one absorbed the spirit mark of others, their personality would become muddled, possibly splitting apart. Finally, they would fall into depravity and become a zombie.

But erasing the spirit mark was impossible. This was because a spirit mark was thoroughly threaded into every part of a soul, where it completely merged with the soul. If one used force to destroy it, then that would destroy the soul fragment itself.

But the Magic Cube had some mysterious and inerrable charm; any soul that was sucked into the Magic Cube would have its spirit mark immediately wiped out, becoming pure memories that could be directly absorbed by Lin Ming.

Lin Ming recalled the time he first entered the Magic Cube space, and saw the scene of Mo Qianxue using the Divine Crystal Magic Cube to instantly mince 10,000 Divine Realm Supreme Elders into divine soul fragments. Lin Ming guessed that the Magic Cube was likely a soul-based divine artifact. Its rank far surpassed his understanding.

As soon as the Ancient Devil’s soul fragment entered into Lin Ming’s spiritual sea, it started a fierce soul storm within him. Even though Lin Ming’s mind and will were firm, he still felt his mind shake as the terrifying spirit storm thundered through him, making his head ache as if it would explode at any moment!

This was one-third of the Ancient Devil, who had lived for tens of thousands of years!

After living for tens of thousands of years, just how much had the Ancient Devil experienced? Just how much information was within him? It was inestimable.

Lin Ming had only lived for 25 years, and he didn’t even remember what happened before he was three years old. In truth, he had 22 years’ worth of memories. With his 22 years’ worth of memories, he was absorbing one-third of tens of thousands of years’ worth of memories; the impact on his mind could be imagined.

Because Lin Ming practiced alchemy and also trained in the Overbearing Soul Tactic, his soul was extremely formidable, more so than most Divine Sea martial artists’. Yet even for him, having to accept such an impact to his soul made him feel as if his spiritual sea was cracking apart.

A person’s capacity for retaining knowledge in their spiritual sea was limited. The stronger their soul force was, the greater their capacity would be. It had to be known that a martial artist with a Xiantian cultivation would have photographic memory. As for martial artists with a Divine Sea cultivation or above, they could quickly scan through a jade slip and memorize the contents within. What took them one or two days to memorize would be enough for a mortal to remember for an entire life.

If one lived for tens of thousands of years or even hundreds of thousands of years, the amount of knowledge they would have to contain within their spiritual sea could be imagined. Thus, if one’s spiritual sea was not formidable enough and not large enough, they would have no choice but to only selectively remember useful information, discarding all else.

And the Ancient Devil had a massive amount of memories that were useless to Lin Ming. As Lin Ming felt his spiritual sea near the point of collapse, he revolved the Samsara martial intent and twisted apart all of these useless memories, leaving behind only cultivation methods, Concepts, training comprehensions, and other experiences that would be useful to him.

Several hours later, Lin Ming finally managed to absorb all of the Ancient Devil’s memories. Over 90% of the memories had been discarded, and not even 10% was left. All of them were deeply compressed within Lin Ming’s spiritual sea; he didn’t have the time yet to look over them in depth.

After obtaining the Ancient Devil’s memories, the first ones Lin Ming looked at were actually not those related to Concepts or cultivation methods, but those related to the Eternal Demon Abyss and the Sea of Miracles.

Unfortunately, things were different than he had thought. This Ancient Devil had followed several Empyreans 100,000 years ago to exterminate Empyrean Primordius and the force he established on the Holy Demon Continent. However, those Empyreans had vast, immeasurable armies, and the Ancient Devil was only a minor foot soldier amongst them. He simply didn’t have the qualifications to see how Empyrean Primordius had died.

Soon after the great war began, the Ancient Devil had his mortal body destroyed by someone else. Afterwards, for some inexplicable reason, he had been sealed in the Sea of Miracles. But, the Sea of Miracles and the Eternal Demon Abyss had been blocked off by Empyrean Primordius’ grand supernatural powers. The Yellow Springs River was a magic tool used by Empyrean Primordius to seal off the Sea of Miracles and Eternal Demon Abyss. This legendary Yellow Springs River had been refined from the corpse of a True Dragon; it was a powerful and incredible existence.

“The corpse of a True Dragon…” Lin Ming sucked in a breath of cold air. A True Dragon was a God Beast of the Divine Realm, a creature of the same rank as a Phoenix. Its strength had reached an unimaginable boundary. After Lin Ming obtained just a single drop of reverse scale blood, the benefits to him had been ridiculous. And after obtaining 100 drops of normal Ancient Phoenix blood, he also obtained a great power.

But the real bodies of a True Dragon and Phoenix were thousands or even tens of thousands of miles long. Just how much blood did they have in their bodies? It was unimaginable!

Thinking about it, if a Phoenix that was thousands of miles long burned the trillion jins of blood within its body, as well as all of its blood essence, just what sort of strength would it reach? Perhaps even destroying the boundless universe wouldn’t be difficult.

“I see… so the reason that it became difficult for anyone to ascend from the Sky Spill Continent was that Empyrean Primordius sealed off the Sea of Miracles and the Eternal Demon Abyss with the Yellow Springs River, and a side effect of this was that the channels connecting the Sky Spill Continent’s world to the Divine Realm were also affected. After that cataclysmic war, there were no longer any powerhouses from the Divine Realm with a cultivation above the Divine Sea that were able to descend to the Sky Spill Continent’s world. This was because this planet has been sealed by an invisible energy field. Only a Divine Sea martial artist like Old Man Good Fortune can come here because his cultivation is minor and weak, and he is able to enter through the gaps in this energy field.”

“The reason that the Sky Spill Continent has gradually deteriorated from its once grand and prosperous times is that the war of 100,000 years ago affected the rules of this world. At that same time, the seal of the Yellow Springs River cut off the connection between the Divine Realm and the Sky Spill Continent’s world. Since the origin energy from the Divine Realm cannot seep into the Sky Spill Continent, this made it so that there have been no martial artists born in this world that could surpass the Divine Sea realm. The late Divine Sea is already the extreme limit, and it is impossible to rid oneself of this curse because of the suppression of this world’s rules. Even if it were me, wanting to break through this curse would not be easy. In order to surpass the Divine Sea, ascending into the Divine Realm is inevitable.”

Without a doubt, the martial artists of the Divine Realm started at a point on a completely different level from those martial artists of the Sky Spill Continent. This was because the Divine Realm had a massive volume of origin energy, thus it was much easier for one to break through to the Divine Sea in the Divine Realm. It wasn’t like the Sky Spill Continent, where a martial artist had to painstakingly absorb the minor bits of origin energy here, and yet even have the possibility of failing during Life Destruction, turning into nothing but ashes.

Lin Ming didn’t complain or blame the heavens that he wasn’t born in the Divine Realm. This was because for a martial artist to be born in the Divine Realm, that in itself was also a part of their destiny. If a martial artist was born in the lower realms then they could only say their destiny was lacking.

But Lin Ming was an anomaly – he had obtained the Magic Cube when he was at the body transformation realm. If this weren’t the Sky Spill Continent but the Divine Realm, how could he have come upon such a great stroke of destiny? Could he have still reached his present achievements?

Thus, martial artists of the lower realms should never think that it would be better if they were born in the Divine Realm. If they were already mentally defeated before they even cultivated the martial path, then these thoughts would strangle them, making them always feel as if they were inferior to martial artists of the Divine Realm and correspondingly making it more difficult for them to have any great accomplishments.

After all, even in the abandoned and barren Sky Spill Continent, in these last 100,000 years there had also been outstanding individuals like the Demon Emperor, Emperor Shakya, and even Yang Yun.

Yang Yun had bravely said he would bring back the golden age of the Sky Spill Continent, restoring the glory of 100,000 years ago. But in order to do this, he first had to break the seal of the Yellow Springs River and reconnect the channels between the Divine Realm and the Sky Spill Continent’s origin energy. Lin Ming didn’t know whether or not Yang Yun could ever succeed, but just this ambition and spirit was startling. Yang Yun had an origin of a bastard son, had been humiliated for his entire early life, and yet he had endured all of this and still maintained a heart that was higher than the heavens!

A martial artist’s road of martial arts was already defying the heavens’ will.  Do not give up, do not accept fate, defy the heavens and earth, only by doing this could one defy the will of the heavens!

As Lin Ming understood this, he felt a faint sublimating of his soul, as if his soul force had taken another step forwards. He could vaguely feel the Prime Emperor martial intent, Asura martial intent, and Death God martial intent slowly gathering as if there was a shift towards fusing together.

A fusion of martial intents was a process of comprehension. If one couldn’t comprehend this, it was useless no matter what sort of heavenly materials one ate up!

Thinking back, Emperor Shakya had once sat underneath a Bodhi tree and meditated for seven days and seven nights, fusing together seven different martial intents and breaking through the void with his martial path. And at the time, he had only been at the seventh stage of Life Destruction!

Such a talented individual didn’t experience any kind of great lucky chance and yet was able to rely only on their comprehension to reach that step. How amazing was that!

“We both came from the abandoned Sky Sill Continent. Emperor Shakya was able to fuse seven different kinds of martial intents, but I cannot manage to fuse together three? Do I, Lin Ming, really have such a great difference with others?

“My heart of martial arts is like the sun, moon, and stars, immortal and inextinguishable! My martial arts will won’t stop here, it will perpetuate into infinity! Although my soul and flesh haven’t yet become eternal, once I step foot onto the peak of martial arts, I will reverse the samsara of the heavens and earth and live as long as the universe exists!”

In that moment, Lin Ming suddenly gained insight and all of his thoughts became incomparably clear and free-flowing. He only felt a deep heroic spirit rise from within him and impact towards the highest heavens!

Although Lin Ming had never given birth to thoughts that it would be better if he were born in the Divine Realm, he had still been in awe and wonder of the martial artists of the Divine Realm and the geniuses there. He was fully aware that there was no limit in the universe and that there would always be a higher mountain, a stronger person. He was aware of just how great this world was and how tiny he was.

Once, Lin Ming had thought that realizing all of this was a symbol of his horizons expanding, but now, his thoughts were even purer and more defined. Even if there was no limit in this universe and there was always a higher mountain, a stronger person – so what? Even if the Divine Realm was endless, and there were over a billion great worlds in the lower realms, with countless other smaller worlds – so what?

My road of martial arts is to conquer all, overcome all obstacles, and defy the will of the heavens!

I want to defy the heavens, I want to become a demon, I want to become an immortal, I want to step onto the peak of all martial arts and become an existence that surpasses an Empyrean!

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