Chapter 909 – Sixth Opening of the Magic Cube

Chapter 909 – Sixth Opening of the Magic Cube

The dozens of miles of chaotic and convoluted roads within Skysplit Tower had all lost their meaning underneath Lin Ming’s steps. He flashed through in just a few fleeting moments, leaving nothing behind but a phantom of thunder!

“Transmission array! I’ve arrived!”

As the old Imp saw that transmission array, his eyes brightened with joy. He would already be lucky to escape from here with his life; how would he still care about his battle spirit being weakened?

The battle with Lin Ming had already cost him 200-300 years of his lifespan. But even when this was taken from the 1000 years of life remaining, he still had a great deal of time to live. How could the old Imp possibly give any of this up?

Hundreds of miles would only take a few breaths of time for an Emperor level powerhouse to travel. But with a dark killing star chasing from behind, the old Imp simply wouldn’t give him that much time.

But as he turned his head, he saw Lin Ming grasping the Great Desolate Blood Halberd, flitting forwards with the speed of ghosts and gods. He had already caught up to him!

“What!?!? How could you be so fast!?” As the old Imp saw Lin Ming barreling towards him, both of his eyes widened like full moons. A look of disbelief flashed...

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