Chapter 908 – Massacring Emperors

Chapter 908 – Massacring Emperors

Asura Force Field. Capable of suppressing true essence, bodily strength, the soul, organs, and the spiritual sea. When a martial artist with insufficient cultivation was covered by the Asura Force Field, their spiritual sea would shatter and their heart would stop beating.

Death God Force Field. Formed from endless killing intent. Killing intent was itself a type of energy field. When a martial artist developed the desire to kill, they would emit an invisible energy. Once this killing intent reached an unparalleled level, it could even cut off all life vitality, extinguishing fires of life!

Prime Emperor Force Field. Reproducing the grandmist space. Here, Laws were suppressed, life was suppressed, the divine soul was suppressed, all of existence was suppressed. It would shatter the vast majority of supernatural powers. True essence, origin energy, battle spirit, will, soul, all would returning to nothingness, all would return to chaos!

Now, once these three great force fields were superimposed together, they formed the parts of the complete Heavenly Demon martial intent.

Although, this was only superimposing them over each other – it was in no way fusing the three together. Even so, it wasn’t the same as one plus one plus one equals three.

With the support of the other...

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