Chapter 907 – Three Force Fields Superimposed

Chapter 907 – Three Force Fields Superimposed

“You… you…”

The old Imp was paler than death and both of his eyes were bloodshot red. Behind him, everyone else – including even the Steppes Master – were left dumbfounded.

This old Imp had a three-star Demon Emperor cultivation. In the entire Holy Demon Continent, his strength belonged to the upper echelon, and in terms of soul attacks, the Imp race far surpassed all others. But even in this case, the old Imp’s chaos demon spirit life incarnation was actually crushed by Lin Ming’s battle spirit in a single exchange!

The Steppes Master was stunned for a moment before suddenly recovering. He threw out the array disc in his hands, “10,000 ghosts kill together, Crimson Blood Extermination!”

Hu hu hu - !

Countless grieving spirits shot towards Lin Ming. At the same time, the Steppes Master extracted a war lance from his spatial ring. As this lance appeared, countless blood lights appeared in the air like innumerable fireworks setting off at once. With the sound of billowing thunder, he stabbed at Lin Ming!

For a time, blood fog filled the skies!

This strike contained the infinite resentment of the 10,000 Ghost Soul Devouring Array Formation. It could be said to be the absolute advantage of location!

The Steppes Master was only a two-star Demon Emperor; he was inferior to the old...

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