Chapter 907 Three Force Fields Superimposed

Chapter 907 – Three Force Fields Superimposed

“You… you…”

The old Imp was paler than death and both of his eyes were bloodshot red. Behind him, everyone else – including even the Steppes Master – were left dumbfounded.

This old Imp had a three-star Demon Emperor cultivation. In the entire Holy Demon Continent, his strength belonged to the upper echelon, and in terms of soul attacks, the Imp race far surpassed all others. But even in this case, the old Imp’s chaos demon spirit life incarnation was actually crushed by Lin Ming’s battle spirit in a single exchange!

The Steppes Master was stunned for a moment before suddenly recovering. He threw out the array disc in his hands, “10,000 ghosts kill together, Crimson Blood Extermination!”

Hu hu hu - !

Countless grieving spirits shot towards Lin Ming. At the same time, the Steppes Master extracted a war lance from his spatial ring. As this lance appeared, countless blood lights appeared in the air like innumerable fireworks setting off at once. With the sound of billowing thunder, he stabbed at Lin Ming!

For a time, blood fog filled the skies!

This strike contained the infinite resentment of the 10,000 Ghost Soul Devouring Array Formation. It could be said to be the absolute advantage of location!

The Steppes Master was only a two-star Demon Emperor; he was inferior to the old Imp in terms of strength. But, with the might of the 10,000 Ghost Soul Devouring Array supporting his attacks, the power of this strike could actually compare with that of a three-star Demon Emperor to a certain extent.

Most importantly, this was a physical and energy attack, not a soul force and will attack. It would not be suppressed by Lin Ming’s battle spirit.

In other words, for Lin Ming to face the Steppes Master’s attack was much more difficult than facing the old Imp’s chaos demon spirit. After all, he was only at the fourth stage of Life Destruction – this was a disadvantage that was difficult to make up for.

As this monstrous spear that filled the air with a blood fog thrust at Lin Ming, behind him, a crimson lotus began to bloom. The traces of red lights formed a divine red lotus that began to slowly bloom.

This red lotus seemed to contain the power of the Great Dao’s Laws. At the same time, it contained an indescribable sense of suppression, as if the center of the lotus passed straight into the depths of hell.

As the red lotus appeared, even a faint red mist appeared around it, as if it had become a completely different world. It was an unfathomable feeling that contained the breath of the Great Dao itself. One flower, one world; one petal, one divine god!

The last portion of the Heavenly Demon martial intent – the Prime Emperor Lotus Flower!

As the red lotus appeared, it was like another world of Laws appeared around Lin Ming. All Laws, all principles, and even all energy became difficult to use! It was like the Laws of Time and Space were completely controlled here. The red lotus was the master of this space. A divine god – that was the Prime Emperor!

When Lin Ming truly comprehended the Prime Emperor martial intent, he discovered that his previous speculations that the Prime Emperor martial intent was aimed at the world of will had been partially wrong. The Prime Emperor martial intent was in truth the formation of a side world. Whether it was the physical world or the world of will, both of them were pieces included in the Prime Emperor martial intent.

In truth, the Prime Emperor Lotus Flower’s essence was the grandmist chaos space before all matter and energy had been formed. Before yin and yang had divided, before the five main elements had come into reality, everything in the universe had been in the form of grandmist energy. There wasn’t even heaven and earth origin energy or true essence. Here, the Laws of Metal, Wood, Water, Earth, Fire, Wind, Thunder, the Concepts of Life and Death, the Concept of Vibration, the Concept of Starlight, all martial skills, battle spirits, divine souls, everything lost their function in the presence of this grandmist chaos space.

Of course, the premise of all this was that Lin Ming was strong enough so that the enemy couldn’t break through this grandmist space. Otherwise, none of that would matter.

In the legends, when Empyrean Primordius summoned the Prime Emperor Lotus Flower, he could transform this entire part of the boundless universe into grandmist space, reproducing the true scene of when the universe first formed. After a long period of refining, all matter and energy within the grandmist space could also be reduced into grandmist energy. This was a boundary that Lin Ming couldn’t even fathom.

But as for Lin Ming’s Prime Emperor martial intent, he could only cover 100 feet of space around him. Although this was a mere 100 feet, if the Steppes Master were to rush into this space, he would find it endless and infinite!

“What is this!?”

The Steppes Master’s eyes widened. He suddenly felt as if all the heaven and earth origin energy around him had been sucked out and could no longer be used. At the same time, the power of blood began rapidly fading from his spear. Before his attack had even reached Lin Ming, it had weakened by over 50%.

The power of blood was also the Concept of Blood; it was a branch of the Concept of Life. In the chaos space when the universe was just forming, the heavens and earth hadn’t even been formed yet, so how could there possibly have been life?

If Lin Ming’s boundary were to increase some more, he could absolutely cause the Steppes Master’s attacks to vanish. At that point, he wouldn’t even need to fight. Once the Steppes Master entered into his side world, he would lose all combat strength, allowing Lin Ming to freely slaughter him.

Peng peng peng!

With a thought from Lin Ming, all of the grieving spirits burst apart in the space covered by the Prime Emperor Flower Lotus, turning into nihility. If there was no life, then how could there possibly be spirits?

In the moment that the Steppes Master reached Lin Ming, Lin Ming also attacked. His strength was not weakened by the Prime Emperor Lotus Flower. This was because he was the master of this side world. To a certain degree, he had refined grandmist energy and had touched upon the Chaos Laws.

A halberd thrust out and a halberd light violently swept forwards. A silver gray spear-shaped battle spirit fused with the halberd, turning the entire Great Desolate Blood Halberd a silver gray color from its original blood red. Its weight became far more terrifying and its attack power rose by a large degree.

After being tempered in grandmist energy, Lin Ming’s battle spirit had gradually transformed from a purely abstract existence and had even taken on some tangible material properties.

The Great Desolate Blood Halberd collided with the Steppes Master’s war lance!

There was no fancy explosion. Silver gray light shot out into the air, forming lights like swirling galaxies that came crashing down. An overwhelming momentum followed, magnificent and blinding. A devastating and ruinous energy scattered in all directions as if it would tear apart all.

But compared to this light, the Steppes Master’s blood light was much weaker. It melted like pure snow underneath the blazing summer sun and then was completely submerged by Lin Ming’s halberd light.

In that moment, all sound in the world seemed to be swallowed up. There was no medium for sound to travel in the grandmist space, thus all sounds vanished into it. There was nothing left but a terrifying energy that rolled up into a storm, sweeping up everyone watching. If this weren’t the Skysplit Tower, but rather an ordinary structure, then the entire place would have been reduced to powder already.

The Steppes Master painfully coughed and flew backwards, directly ejected out of the grandmist space. With a faint ‘ka ka ka’ sound, cracks appeared in the war lance he held.

A high-grade heaven-step treasure had broken apart like this!

As the Steppes Master looked at his shattered weapon, he felt incredulous. A single attack had ruined his treasure weapon!

The Great Desolate Blood Halberd was a Saint artifact rank weapon to begin with; it was far superior to the Steppes Master’s own treasure weapon. With Lin Ming’s battle spirit that had been tempered by grandmist energy fused into the Great Desolate Blood Halberd, it had become incomparably sharp. For it to destroy a treasure weapon in a single blow was no surprise at all!

“Steppes Master!”

The several Tower Masters and High Lords present paled as they saw the Steppes Master sent flying backwards and his weapon cracking apart. If the Steppes Master were to be defeated here then their fates could be imagined!

But they also didn’t have the courage to escape now. What if the Steppes Master survived and punished them for running?

Just as these thoughts appeared in their minds, the situation on the battlefield had taken a sharp turn from what they originally anticipated would happen. Lin Ming took a step forwards, directly shooting towards the Steppes Master.

Behind Lin Ming, a red lotus bloomed. The majesty and glory of an emperor exuded outwards, causing all the Tower Masters, High Lords, and supervisory deacons to feel like their souls left their bodies in fear!

Nobody dared believe that Lin Ming would leave the Blood Slaughter Steppes with an early Revolving Core cultivation, and in just a mere six years, would actually grow to such a degree. He directly faced a two-star and three-star Demon Emperor together and even managed to resist the 10,000 Ghost Soul Devouring Array, beating them all into the ground!

The Steppes Master’s pupils shrank as he saw Lin Ming rush towards him. He reached out a hand to grasp the 10,000 Ghost Soul Devouring Array’s array disc. To his horror and dismay, he discovered that the array disc had already lost a great deal of its spiritual power. As for the 10,000 ghosts sealed within it, a single attack from Lin Ming had left a third of them ruined!

10,000 ghosts did not seem like a high number, but these 10,000 ghosts were completely refined from extreme Emperor level talents that were at the Xiantian realm, Revolving Core realm, Demon King realm, or Fey King realm! Before their deaths, all of the sacrifices for this array disc had been great elites of their era, and after their deaths they were terrifying ghosts. Even a Holy Land could not produce a 10,000 Ghost Soul Devouring Array like this; there was simply no way for them to produce such a great number of talents. But, this was actually not a problem for the Steppes Master. To control the 12 Skysplit Towers was the same as controlling 12 graveyards of geniuses.

However, such a 10,000 Ghost Soul Devouring Array had been one-third ruined by Lin Ming in a single strike!

“10,000 ghosts, perish forever, explode for me!”

The Steppes Master crumbled the array disc in his hands, a demented light in his eyes. The remaining several thousand ghosts in the array disc all rushed into Lin Ming’s grandmist space. But, before the ghosts were even able to enter the grandmist space, all of them exploded!

Bang bang bang bang bang!

Terrifying energy currents swept the world. As the present martial artists saw the Steppes Master exterminate the remainder of the 10,000 ghosts, all of them tried to run away. But, there was not enough time!

In this enclosed space, a terrifying energy wave overtook them. Several High Lords with the lowest cultivation were directly torn apart, bursting into a fog of blood!

This was the terrifying destructive power caused by simultaneously detonating the divine souls and source energy of 7000 geniuses, and it was also one of the Steppes Master’s greatest killing moves. Once this move was used, the entire 10,000 Ghost Soul Devouring Array would immediately be destroyed!

Peng peng peng!

360 array flags began to collapse in unison. Under the control of the Steppes Master, all of that energy fell upon Lin Ming’s grandmist space like a torrential storm. The grandmist space violently trembled, and within that side world, Lin Ming also had to withstand a tremendous pressure.

The grandmist space could wipe away Laws and true essence, but it actually couldn’t withstand an infinite barrage of energy. In that moment, Lin Ming felt that his Prime Emperor Force Field was like a boat in a storm, capable of capsizing at any moment. There were even small cracks that had begun to appear in the grandmist space!

The Prime Emperor Force Field would soon be unable to persist!

“Senior, this is a good chance!”

The Steppes Master cried out, and the old Imp who had his supernatural powers destroyed suddenly shot open his eyes, a monstrous animus and murderous intent flooding them. After his battle spirit had been forcefully knocked down two small boundaries by Lin Ming, all he felt now was hatred to the bone.

“Evil Demon Claw!”

The old Imp didn’t dare to use a soul attack again, thus he used an energy attack. A massive black claw smashed down at Lin Ming from above!

The two Emperor level powerhouses combined their attacks. At this time, Lin Ming’s Prime Emperor Force Field seemed as if it would collapse at any moment.

Lin Ming’s eyes sharpened as he revolved the energy within him to the limit.

“Asura Force Field!

“Death God Force Field!”


In that moment, an annihilating energy erupted from within Lin Ming, superimposing onto the Prime Emperor Lotus Flower…

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