Chapter 906 – If You Are Chaos, Then What Am I?

Chapter 906 – If You Are Chaos, Then What Am I?

The Steppes Master didn’t think that Lin Ming was an idiot. Since he dared to enter under the eyes of the public, he naturally had to have some secret method he was relying on to escape. The Steppes Master invited the old Imp here to add an unknown variable to the mix. If Lin Ming didn’t anticipate this new variable then he would die in a miserable manner.

“Lin Ming? Hehe, brat Luosha, you really are becoming more and more pathetic. A mere lowly 25 year old Life Destruction human junior actually caused you to put on such a show, you even brought out the 10,000 Ghost Soul Devouring Array, called me over and also decided to personally garrison this area. To prepare such a great battle formation, don’t you think that will make the other Holy Lands laugh at our Blood Slaughter Steppes?”

The old Imp directly called the Steppes Master ‘brat Luosha’, moreover his words were filled with an admonishing rebuke, causing all of the nearby supervisory deacons of the Blood Slaughter Divine Temple to feel a chill crawl up their spines. They didn’t say half a word for fear that Luosha would grow angry.

But, they never imagined that not only would Luosha not rise up in rage, he would instead begin to patiently explain the situation. In the past, the reason that Luosha was able to become a twelve-winged...

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