Chapter 904 – Reforming the Shattered Core

Chapter 904 – Reforming the Shattered Core

“Break large success silver… you damned brat, it seems you’ll have the momentum to break into the gold battle spirit level before you reach the Divine Sea!” Demonshine said from within Lin Ming’s spiritual sea, “There’s also a final will light. How about we go take a look?”

Lin Ming nodded. If he was right then the last will light was the spirit mark left behind by Empyrean Primordius himself. Empyrean Primordius had wanted to create the Road to Samsara; it was impossible that he wouldn’t leave behind a hope for his own revival.

As his will touched the last will light, Lin Ming arrived in a new world of will. Here, all he saw was chaos around him. Gray currents of chaos flooded the entire space, vast and endless. Besides that, there was nothing else. Lin Ming didn’t even see Empyrean Primordius’ spirit mark here.

“This is…”

“Is this… grandmist energy?” Demonshine was shocked. With his talent, it was naturally impossible for him to contact Source Law energy like grandmist energy. But with the knowledge that Empyrean Primordius had left behind this last will light and also with the gray currents in this chaos space, he could approximate just what this was.

Primordius was the same as chaos, and thus also the same as grandmist. Empyrean Primordius was the Empyrean of chaos, the Empyrean of gra...

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