Chapter 903 The Goddess In Ice

Chapter 903 – The Goddess In Ice


In the Road of Emperor’s world of will, Lin Ming’s will turned into a stream of light as he smashed into a golden statue. The violent impact caused his entire body to split apart!


Bolts of lightning, the power of fire, the power of space, and the Time Laws recklessly washed downwards, completely enveloping that golden statue!

Ka ka ka!

Cracks began appearing in the golden statue. Lin Ming had already exchanged over 600 moves with it, constantly barraging it and constantly breaking it apart. He exhausted every single one of his techniques before forcefully grinding that gold statue to nothing.

“It’s finally over!” Lin Ming’s shattered will form began joining back together. His mind was dizzy and his footsteps were muddled. It felt like the first time he had drawn his body inscription symbol and had overdrawn his soul force in the process.

The will light that had followed the Demon Emperor’s one had stranded him here for a full half year!

During this half year, Lin Ming had been constantly fighting, carrying on a life or death battle with this golden battle spirit. This nameless Supreme Elder had clearly lived over 100,000 years ago. Before he died, his boundary was also much higher than the Demon Emperor’s had been. If his complete will form had been here then Lin Ming simply wouldn’t have had any ability to resist.

Lin Ming relied on his unyielding perseverance and tenacious will. After constantly breaking himself against that golden battle spirit and continuously polishing and tempering his battle spirit again and again, only then did he eliminate it!

And in the process of this battle, every time Lin Ming’s will form was broken, his battle spirit gained more and more experience. During this half year, his battle spirit became more solid, more real, and increasingly sharp, as if it were faintly about to break through to the silver large success level.

Lin Ming’s battle spirit was just like a treasure spear. The materials and array formation used to forge it were all top class of top class ingredients, but it simply hadn’t been sharpened.

With a deep foundation the potential would be immense. But if it wasn’t sharp enough then a battle spirit wouldn’t be able to display its true strength. First he had to sharpen and whet his battle spirit, creating a keen edge. This would allow Lin Ming’s battle spirit to quickly bloom in terrifying glory.

And in this world, the best place to temper a battle spirit was likely this Road of Emperor. It had been created by an Empyrean from the Divine Realm, and could even be refined to complete a divine artifact.

After the gold battle spirit shattered, it turned into pure energy that nourished Lin Ming’s battle spirit. Within Lin Ming’s spiritual sea, the mist around the spear-shaped battle spirit became increasingly thick, as if it were condensing into droplets.

His battle spirit was now near the silver large success stage. He was only separated by a thin layer of film; he would break through at any moment.

And at this time, there were still two will lights left!

Lin Ming looked at the end of the Road of Emperor and let out a long breath. As he looked at the next will light, he saw that the flames were a deep blue color. Looking at this light, he discovered that it was easy to fall into an illusion when watching it and be trapped for eternity. It resembled the smoky waves of an endless sea. This will light contained an unblemished and hallowed energy. It was calm and profound, yet containing a deep power.

Lin Ming sat down in meditation, entering the ethereal martial intent to adjust himself to his best condition.

Then, he resolutely entered the will world of that ghostly blue fire.

This world of will was located at an unfathomably deep seabed. The dark blue seawater seemed as if it were carved from the purest gems. Exquisite small fish swam through the water, and Lin Ming knew that these fish were phenomena transformed from the purest will energy.

At the seabed, the sand looked like crystal clear pearls. There were fascinating and bewitching jade shells that were scattered over the ground, making the entire landscape seem like a dream.

And among this sand, there was a massive shard of chilling ice silently laying there. Lin Ming gazed at this ice shard and was suddenly shocked. Sealed within this shard of ice was a young veiled woman.

This young woman was curled into a round fetal position, grasping both of her knees. Her long and slender legs shined like clear crystal, and her beautiful face rested between her knees. Her long black hair hung down like an inky waterfall, covering up her body.

This young woman appeared exactly the same as the goddess from the Eternal Demon Abyss!

“If the penultimate will light contains the sealed will and spirit mark of the goddess, then is Empyrean Primordius sealed within the last will light?”

Lin Ming sucked in a breath of cold air. These final two will lights were actually from Supreme Elders! It was impossible to imagine just what degree of formidability their will forms reached!

“Empyrean Primordius sealed away the goddess’ will form here. Did he think that after the goddess died, she could reincarnate through the Samsara Road? And in the Eternal Demon Abyss, there is also the Great Emperor’s heart that is sealed within the goddess. That heart is able to destroy all evil spirits and beings that dare move against the goddess’ corpse, and is even able to preserve her lifelike appearance after 100,000 years!”

All sorts of thoughts flashed through Lin Ming’s mind. He harbored a deep respect for this goddess that was deeply sleeping in this shard of ice. Within, it looked as if she had merely fallen asleep. Even her long eyelashes appeared as if they were gently trembling.

Sunlight spread through the deep blue seawater, illuminating the entire land with brilliant splendor. A faint silver sheen of light glinted off of the skin of that young woman, making her seem as beautiful as a fading dream.


Lin Ming tried to communicate with the goddess’ will form but failed. His perception simply wasn’t able to penetrate through that shard of ice. Even so, he could feel a powerful will contained within the goddess’ body. This was not a gold battle spirit, but an existence that surpassed even that.

“Demonshine, what is the boundary above a gold battle spirit?” Lin Ming suddenly asked.

“That is the blue soul battle spirit. The battle spirit will become dim and ethereal like smoke, and it will return from gold back to its original color. There is no way I can see through this goddess’ boundary.” Demonshine helplessly spread his doggy paws.

Lin Ming’s mind stirred. If he could take out the goddess’ sealed spirit from this will light and then fuse it into her sleeping body within the 1000 mile forbidden zone, would the goddess then be resurrected?

Without a doubt, Empyrean Primordius made many preparations for the goddess’ rebirth. Could it be that he wished for a successor to revive her?

It could even be that Empyrean Primordius had left behind his life’s inheritances within the Eternal Demon Abyss and the Sea of Miracles, all in order for destined individuals to find it!

“Empyrean Primordius placed the goddess’ life on a higher level of importance than his own. I wonder just what this goddess was to him? Lover? Daughter?” Lin Ming shook his head. These two explanations were not necessarily true. An Empyrean had a seemingly limitless lifespan. What scenes or events would they not have experienced in their lives? Would they really be captivated to such an extent by something like a lover? As for a daughter, that didn’t seem as if it could be justified either. As long as a martial arts Supreme Elder desired, they could have tens of thousands or even millions of children in their long lives.

“If I can reach a high enough boundary on the road of martial artists, perhaps I really can defy the will of the heavens and change the fate of life, reviving the goddess. At that time, I will discover just what Empyrean Primordius’ Samsara Road is, and just what secrets are contained in the Eternal Demon Abyss.”

As Lin Ming thought like this, he left the goddess’ world of will. The goddess’ will form was completely different from all those he had seen. It did not attack him, nor was there any way he could communicate with it. Since there was nothing he could do, he could only step back.

But as Lin Ming left the world of will, he suddenly felt a wave of energy break into his body like a gushing tide. The battle spirit in his spiritual sea rapidly condensed, and the thick mist around it became increasingly solid at a breakneck pace. His battle spirit had instantly broken through to the large success silver level! And the flow of energy did not stop there. From the early large success silver level, it rapidly climbed to the peak of large success!

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