Chapter 903 – The Goddess In Ice

Chapter 903 – The Goddess In Ice


In the Road of Emperor’s world of will, Lin Ming’s will turned into a stream of light as he smashed into a golden statue. The violent impact caused his entire body to split apart!


Bolts of lightning, the power of fire, the power of space, and the Time Laws recklessly washed downwards, completely enveloping that golden statue!

Ka ka ka!

Cracks began appearing in the golden statue. Lin Ming had already exchanged over 600 moves with it, constantly barraging it and constantly breaking it apart. He exhausted every single one of his techniques before forcefully grinding that gold statue to nothing.

“It’s finally over!” Lin Ming’s shattered will form began joining back together. His mind was dizzy and his footsteps were muddled. It felt like the first time he had drawn his body inscription symbol and had overdrawn his soul force in the p...

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