Chapter 899 – Once Again Into the Road of Emperor

Chapter 899 – Once Again Into the Road of Emperor

The Heavenly Demon Tattoos were forcefully erased from the five High Lords, greatly reducing their strength. This deprival also diminished their fires of life until they were like the last flickering flame of a candle in the wind. At this time they had been turned into garbage without much of a lifespan left over.

This was the great power of the Death God Force Field – to extinguish all life vitality!

The Asura Force Field. Omnidirectional suppression of an enemy’s physical body, true essence, dantian, and soul.

The Death God Force Field. To cut off the enemy’s source of life.

But as for what the Prime Emperor Force Field was, Lin Ming had no idea. He only faintly knew that it was the strongest of the three force fields. If he could fuse all three together and form the complete Heavenly Demon Force Field, then he would be able to crush and kill Divine Sea Supreme Elders!

The Heavenly Demon Force Field was highly likely to be related to that nameless Great Emperor from the Eternal Demon Abyss. But, that nameless Great Emperor had already reached an unimaginable boundary; it was likely he was a top level existence of the Divine Realm!

After wasting away five High Lords with nothing more than a thought, Lin Ming casually strolled forwards. The present him now had sufficient strength...

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